Shanghai dragon second realm of long tail optimization basic operation

many people in a very long time to learn the Shanghai dragon, but always in the first stage, also is the keyword optimized, station code, structure, tags, pictures also adjust very well, there are still some visible skills, but encountered optimization of long tail words don’t know how to do. Confused, then update constantly, constantly […]

The old owners do some optimization to share personal experience

optimization work for five years, some problems were also encountered a lot of problems found in the optimization process, in this process, the author thinks that some basic elements is worth discussing, for any website optimization we must follow some principles of optimization, but also to grasp some of the optimization of bottom line, these […]

How to deal with the invalid page the wise remark of an experienced person to enhance the website va

with the fierce competition between the expansion of the domestic SEO market and the industry, let SEO practitioners face enormous challenges; I recently saw in the forum and QQ group, many SEOer now feel the optimization work hard, effect is very poor, and some even have to change, although I have no direct comment, but […]

Special business opportunities – wood modification

wood is everywhere we can see, but few people found that the timber contains enormous business opportunities, a huge market. Don’t believe it? Let us walk into the special business opportunities – wood modification!   through the application of contemporary physics and chemical technology, the Eucalyptus "change" into mahogany, Paulownia "change" into teak, this will […]