Because of slow speed would miss one hundred million test your site has lost so much

  For ? What are the factors that led to the speed experience is the most important user experience ? " assumes that the site open speed reducing 500ms search volume decreased by 25%, the noble baby Amazon into a single volume decreased 1%, Facebook decreased by 3% and the data browsing, visible, slow site […]

2013 Shanghai Longfeng practitioners how to deal with the love of Shanghai artificial right down

so simple! method: try to pick only the single keyword optimization order. If the website is only one keyword, probability of being love Shanghai artificial drop right is greatly reduced. I have 13 customer sites, 7 of which are optimized for individual keywords do, so far, and there was no sign of artificial right down, […]

New problems must be considered when joining in fashion

the past two years, the state vigorously support emerging entrepreneurs, providing a number of preferential policies and financial support, attracting a lot of young people into entrepreneurship. If you are just beginning to join the field of clothing, clothing or operating time is not very long, experience is not very rich, will be very confused, […]

School supplies stores to purchase better

children’s learning is very important, the child’s learning cannot do without the use of learning activities, children’s learning relationship with the future development of the child, in order to ensure that children can have a good time in learning the study of fair use, some entrepreneurs choose to open student supplies stores, to the normal […]