Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge static URL Technology

for URL static, URL Rewrite Module most of the most common methods is to use the server. In (Linux+Apache+Mysql+php) commonly used in the server is the mod_rewrite module, then URL rewriting code is based on what? That point is dynamic URL structure of each site is different, the server settings will be different, I naturally […]

Application of canonical label in Shanghai Longfeng in optimization

  "canonical" label can solve the problem of too many similar content, cause the page to overlap, with this tag you can make the search engine grab one you want the page to be made. The gift of tea set (贵族宝贝 feeds.     this code, so the search engine will only index the page, […]

The use of high quality index of love Shanghai mining long tail keywords

all of the above methods to expand keyword. How about next love through the Shanghai index selected a number of relatively high quality of words. Shanghai love index can query to popularity, keyword search, the main users gather areas, such as age and the information, the information can do a keyword expansion. The retrieval can […]

It is said that the understanding of these stories can make you more entrepreneurial dream closer

is like a fish or a fishing rod to the story, a lot of time if a person only in front of the interests, will eventually be short-lived pleasure; a person lofty goals, but also to face the reality of life. Only by combining the ideal and the reality, it is possible to become a […]

The sun’s banner brand children’s clothing – Trusted

children’s clothing has always been a very important presence. With the gradual increase in the number of children in our country, for the healthy growth of children, we are very concerned about. In the children’s clothing market, children’s clothing brand too many to count only the sun, Banner’s most popular, loved by consumers. Next, let […]

Rainbow children cited the capital audience have point praise

8 month 28 days, 29 days two nights, the original song and dance drama "Rainbow children" chosen by the delegation of the province on the Beijing national culture palace theatre. Very touching love story, the cultural elements with the distinctive, let the audience in the thousands of miles of "Rainbow hometown", feel the charm of […]