Look at the Taobao customer marketing strategy from Taobao mall was renamed Tmall

is now nearly a year, and there is no Taobao passenger army by the "Taobao mall" to "Tmall", and now users, the media for Tmall’s attention is not high. This time is the best time to seize the favorable position. According to the author found that long-term observation, if your website occupy good rankings in […]

Thousand webmaster lecture 27 Yue your webmaster with faith to fight

Anhui Internet union sponsored by thousands of people lecture (http://www.53w.net) has reached the twenty-sixth phase, this time for everyone to call the domestic network famous Yue yue. Yue you graduated from the Southwest Jiaotong University Art Department, did not continue to art, chose the Internet, retained the art of mustache, has been dedicated to do […]

Management method of operating spicy hot pot franchise store

catering industry has always been the pursuit of entrepreneurs object, the market is broad, unlimited business opportunities. For spicy hot pot franchise, spicy hot pot franchise management is very important. Do a good job of management, sales will rise in order to create visibility. That in the end how can we do a good job […]