Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge static URL Technology

for URL static, URL Rewrite Module most of the most common methods is to use the server. In (Linux+Apache+Mysql+php) commonly used in the server is the mod_rewrite module, then URL rewriting code is based on what? That point is dynamic URL structure of each site is different, the server settings will be different, I naturally […]

Shanghai Longfeng example West YALIG’official website of the Shanghai dragon of the whole cabinet

solution: it is also an important personal website found that since the love Shanghai promotion, is love Shanghai note up, often included, because love Shanghai high quality outside the chain, the website in just a month will be some keywords ranking to the first page first the first second pages, or. encountered problems in the […]

Application of canonical label in Shanghai Longfeng in optimization

  "canonical" label can solve the problem of too many similar content, cause the page to overlap, with this tag you can make the search engine grab one you want the page to be made. The gift of tea set (贵族宝贝 feeds.     this code, so the search engine will only index the page, […]

Shanghai dragon second realm of long tail optimization basic operation

many people in a very long time to learn the Shanghai dragon, but always in the first stage, also is the keyword optimized, station code, structure, tags, pictures also adjust very well, there are still some visible skills, but encountered optimization of long tail words don’t know how to do. Confused, then update constantly, constantly […]