Zhongguancun Pioneer Street is actually Haidian book city monthly rent 1000 yuan

Zhongguancun Venture Street

June 2014 open street of Zhongguancun Venture Street is China’s first venture service organization gathering area

days ago, "Zhongguancun innovation enterprise listing cultivation base was officially inaugurated operations. According to the relevant person in charge of the Zhongguancun administrative committee, in 2014 the year the newly established Zhongguancun science and technology enterprises over 1.3, an increase of more than two times more than in 2013. Zhongguancun will be in 2020, has become a global influence of technological innovation center, from the PC era of the leading group of the new generation of Internet innovation into the new position. read more

The fate of children 9 year old business earning millions of dollars, at the age of 13 when CEO

Abstract: This is a small fart child, called Evan, is only 9 years old this year, very very love to play with toys. So his parents helped him to open an oil pipe account, let him shoot the video and share his experience with the experience of playing toys, mainly to talk about this toy is not fun, how to play, what to play a new method.

just playing with toys, he was 9 years old into millions of dollars

is the small fart child, called Evan, is only 9 years old this year, very very love to play with toys. So his parents helped him to open an oil pipe account, let him shoot the video and share his experience with the experience of playing toys, mainly to talk about this toy is not fun, how to play, what to play a new method. read more

Li Kaifu today’s favorite entrepreneurs may be a few years after the collapse of the company

sina science and technology news Beijing time on April 14th evening 21 points, Innovation workshop chairman and CEO Li Kaifu published on the micro-blog entitled to the entrepreneurial youth of the eight barrels of cold water, long micro-blog. Li Kaifu said: "in recent months in Taiwan participated in several business related activities, to hear a lot about young entrepreneurial ideas, but I think many people only see entrepreneurs entrepreneurial aura, hear the grand dream, while the business view is too impersonal, even naive, so I want to give these people poured some cold water." (Li Gen) read more

Bounty Hunter Gao Bin domain name can make the first pot of gold is 7 years old

lead: seven years continuous founded eight projects through the four companies. He was in the University by selling domain names to earn hundreds of thousands. But also can not afford to pay real estate, credit card cash. Today, Gao Bin went back to the origin, restart the

bounty hunter!

Gao Bin, Chengdu bounty hunter CEO, 80 serial entrepreneur. Some people are born to toss, so Gao Bin was born in Shanxi, Jiang County, long town in the ancient capital of Nanjing, followed by a group of parents in Lhasa to study, four years of College in Beijing read cryptography professional, working in Beijing for five years after graduation, returned to Chengdu in 2007 to start a business, seven consecutive years started eight projects experience four the company. He was in the University by selling domain names to earn hundreds of thousands, just started to win 3 million angels on the idea, but also can not afford to pay real estate, credit card cash. Now, the veteran entrepreneurs are at the crossroads once again, is the fight all the Jedi to survive, or stand in the air to fly freely. Each entrepreneur will face the choice, consideration, which is the process of entrepreneurship must go through. read more

Entrepreneurs counterattack Capital Circle once the Blue Ocean Terminal dormant for ten years to do

Abstract: through the establishment of the QQ group to the network Luo fan, for the foreign terminal has accumulated more than 2 thousand seed users, the platform is to contribute to the flow of the platform. The earliest customers the first batch of users then is a mobile terminal shopping spree artifact.

black Friday in 2014, the sea Amoy in China has finally become a matter of public concern, and do this thing, the company also has a sounding tall on the name of cross-border electricity supplier. In the next few months, the sea Amoy has become the focus of public opinion, once again boarded the headlines. read more

Commemorate the last 18 months of the initial venture the essential qualities of entrepreneurship

editor’s note: the author Sha Zi, "first author iOS the application of reverse engineering technology", to partner entrepreneurship for 18 months. This series of articles is a combination of his own in the whole process of the people, things, objects of deep thinking, the first business analysis and summary. This article is a series of articles from the iOS reverse engineering forum.

entrepreneurship at the beginning, I have my own position is: entrepreneurship, since it is necessary to create a career, the early certainly is to contribute as much as possible, rather than demanding. Initial business, no experience, so we must continue to learn, improve themselves, keep up with the pace of entrepreneurship. read more

What entrepreneurial survival in the capital in winter

introduction: the U.S. group and the public comment with the news that this merger is undoubtedly crazy in line with the current logic of capital — in the winter, even if the industry bosses have also evolved.

on the last day of the National Day holiday, the U.S. group and the public comment merger.

although the two companies second days to confirm the news, but the news is no doubt that this crazy merger is in line with the current logic of capital — in the winter, even if the industry bosses have also evolved. read more

12 entrepreneurial projects recommended, the way to make money online

would rather be beheaded, not everything "," work for others, true as your own boss……" How many people have had similar ideas, but the reality of imprisonment. The next few years, the opportunity really came. What small businesses do not need to let your people face, give people work? Small series combined with the market trend, finishing the 12 small businesses the most reliable, recommend to you, for your reference! Don’t work when the boss


1 network to make money preferred Taobao guest read more

Castle Peak Zhang wild entrepreneurs do not forget the nature of business

as an investor, I always remind myself not to interfere too much investment projects, no matter what kind of thinking and action entrepreneurs are facing the direction of success, all the way to go through. But there is one thing I have to remind them: do not forget the nature of business.

This is not the past remind

we see too much out of thin air, made a lot of entrepreneurs to deviate from the commercial nature of things, and the trend in front of the tides, the last departure from business at the beginning of the heart; we also see too many entrepreneurs start carrying a full of feelings, encounter a commercial torture immediately Yang boat; we also see a lot of Founder immersed in their own past experience and mode of thinking, opening and closing are their own professional importance first; some founder, simply indulge in their "hard" in the circle of friends in various activities and meetings in the daytime the evening sun, totally do not know their focus where is the. read more

You start a business, your family is starting a business!

Abstract: entrepreneurship is a difficult thing to work better than tens of thousands of times, it is a small, low probability, if you find a direction and a piece of the market, because of the need of my heart and not noisy outside must be to try it, then you can go to try, even if drastic. No, don’t daydream.

Beijing seems to fall into the demons. That I was worried about, not the empire is a lot of people are suffering from a scientific community is not familiar with the collective hysteria. read more

2017 sports entrepreneurship forecast either busy living or busy dying

Abstract: in October, it is the State Council document 46 issued nearly two anniversary of the day, the first set of sports entrepreneurship basically ended, the outcome is more than a little dead. The majority of these people are sports media and long-term rooted in the sports industry; and the second is the beginning of entrepreneurship tide.

shouted for more than a year of "sports entrepreneurship spring", soon revealed the flaws, most sports company has revealed weakness, because of continued fighting against weaker ability, before the real war has not yet come, they have their arms and surrender, the company closed, or take the initiative to withdraw from the entrepreneurs. read more

Venture capital and create enterprises are so optimistic about the agricultural market opportunities

NetEase technology news July 8th, according to foreign media reports, agricultural science and technology is no longer an unknown niche market. At present, the agricultural science and technology industry is a hot chase of some venture capital institutions, investment related industries continue to rise, the investment of agricultural science and technology company in 2015 venture capital institutions reached $4 billion 600 million, the highest value in three years.

in fact, for a long time, agricultural technology has not been concerned about venture capital. Only a small amount of money will be invested in biotechnology. Even in recent years, companies like to focus on Steve · Case (Steve), known as the second wave of innovation – services, social media and mobile technology. Agriculture is the lowest digital industry, according to the McKinsey Co. read more

To the point of poison chicken soup heterogeneous why you can foresee the doomed failure

recently read the "alien" this book, after the reorganization, "" heterogeneous in addition to this book can discuss why some people succeed, but you can foresee some people doomed to failure.

how will you lose at the starting line?

according to statistics, the average month of birth of all Canadian hockey stars is highly concentrated in the January -3 months, which is a more interesting phenomenon, it is because of magic


is the ice hockey organization has rules will be born in the same year 1-12 months of children as a group, and one of the children born in January than in December children born with a physical advantage, therefore Zhandexianji, training in the future will be continuously strengthen this advantage, and have an overwhelming advantage finally, to win in the occupation career. read more

Aunt firewood can do take care of people’s wife to earn their own money

is a easy to keep difficult, so old, never a lack of mobile Internet era quickly became famous enterprises, but the enterprises also meet the eye everywhere flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, how to let the enterprise have sustained growth, is a more profound than entrepreneurial topics.

last year, the woman behind the Ma Yun sent to the NYSE, creating the myth of the world’s largest IPO, but also once again with the fact that the iron to make the woman’s money is the most easy business truth. In 1986, the firewood can be, in the way of entrepreneurship choked a few saliva, the seventh venture finally caught the business truth, the establishment of a friend LOHAS (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., read more

Sitting on the new board inventory you should understand the financing mode of enterprise equity ple

Abstract: equity is the lifeblood of a business, every time it means that the increase in equity dilution, major shareholders may face the risk of losing control. But for the new three board market start-ups, especially light asset companies, they do not have any valuable assets can be realized, only equity has a certain market value.

war new board aground, registration system delayed, layered mechanism approaching, many companies will once again focus on the eyes of the new three board market. As a paradise for SME financing, the advantages of the new three board incomparable, and its financing model with the continuous innovation of the market environment. However, model innovation hide behind the inevitable more or less risk, such as the recent equity pledge warehouse explosion, private debt defaults and other events, the reflection of the development of state enterprises weak part of the three new board. From the point of view of the development stage of the financing model, the private placement is the most usual practices of the new three Board companies, equity pledge, private debt, preferred stock and other models are still in the early stages of development. With the improvement of the new three board layered mechanism, a variety of new financing model may take the lead in the innovation level of the pilot, for the development of SME financing to explore a new path. The opportunity and risk, the author according to the logic behind the financing mode, the analysis of the existing market risk in the following, the mainly private placement and equity pledge. read more

Community business has gradually become the protagonist of the community O2O market enclosure war or

For the

O2O community entrance has been entrepreneurs are concerned, the direct impact of market entrance quickly seize the final competition results, have also mastered the entrance flow, has won the battle to grasp, since 2013 the official O2O community after the popular war on the entrance also never stop too.

has faded the smoke of the enclosure war

community O2O heat rising from the second half of 2013, the O2O community has become the property industry and mobile Internet entrepreneurs xiangbobo, the entrance name locked to the community, but also to the property lock, in accordance with the game, who first quickly occupied the community who will occupy the industry discourse right, so we see the first half to seize the community resources in 2014 on the most powerful, like the year thousands of war in general, mainly Internet startups led in the capital support, using a variety of ways to get the community, the community is actually get behind with property resources, because the community lies in the hands of the property that took the property also took the entrance into the community, community pass. read more

Plum net formally listed three new board

plum yesterday listed on the new board, it is understood that the domestic marketing network operators Meihua Meihua shares in May 5th landed the global share transfer system, three new board listed Tim SaaS and information services to enterprises in the new enterprise.

was founded in 2008, is a marketing oriented information center, which provides marketing information, resources, cases, knowledge and online communities. Mainly through free content and membership services to enhance user coverage, and at the same time the development of marketing intelligence monitoring SaaS software, mainly for small and medium enterprises marketing team. Plum is headquartered in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen with offices, staff of 160 people. Currently serving about more than 1 thousand customers. read more

Inventory of Internet bigwigs who failed the most entrepreneurial projects!

introduction: the road of entrepreneurship, which people have stumbled over? Even Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Liu Qiangdong…… These Internet heavyweights have also experienced the lesson of blood, but they did not because the fall time is from failure but unable to get up after a fall, sum up a lot of business experience and lessons, and to cheer up.

On the road of entrepreneurship

, who had not stumbled over? Even Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Liu Qiangdong…… These Internet heavyweights have also experienced the lesson of blood, but they did not because the fall time is from failure but unable to get up after a fall, sum up a lot of business experience and lessons, and to cheer up. read more

Venture capital perspective, which is likely to achieve this red Fu Yuanhui

Abstract: if the entrepreneur itself is net red, will attract the attention of the capital, of course, the premise is that the network is really serious red entrepreneurs do a tricky thing to do. Fu Yuanhui will become what Dan net red? If you have the opportunity to invest in her you are willing to how much


Fu Yuanhui fire, about her video, articles, expression package everywhere, here is not necessary to do that, within 1 days to become completely "red", which also set a "red" fame speed, logical thinking, Papi sauce at this point is completely not comparable of. With more and more "red" has changed now, the financial capital, the potential even more than the traditional entertainment stars, "red" is no longer synonymous with the awl face, and turn into a commendatory terms. read more

In the early days, how to manage the co-founder

editor’s note: the original author Aaron Harris, Tutorspree co-founder, YC partners.

has proven that founders have to manage each other before they manage employees. In fact, in the early stages of the establishment of the company, only two or three founders, poor management often lead to entrepreneurial death. However, the management of partners is difficult.

although it is very important and difficult to manage the co founders, most of the management advice I have seen is about how to manage an employee or supervisor. These views are useful, but not suitable for the early stages of entrepreneurship. I read about the management of the stage, said the initial partner management as a love affair". This is not false, but also can be said to be a certain benefit. read more