Startups need to be afraid of a lot of things but afraid of what don’t be afraid of competitors

According to the

translator, the article says that you don’t have to take care of your competitors, manage your own affairs, and say you want to keep in touch with them. For entrepreneurs, it is the first priority to do their own company.

if their products are not polished, the idea did not clear up, whether there is no pressure from competitors, the project will not live long. He almost done, keep an open mind and competitors to explore, wrestling, may be the right strategy.

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On the Chinese are suffering in an article condemning the reply

wrote "China is suffering from disaster, what is the international community doing?" I did not expect a paper of the author’s attention, but rather than the attention of the article itself to be large.

first, I want to know what their limited here was that many users do. You are here to scold, I admit that he is not clear about the need for foreign aid China specific procedures are also not clear foreign materials through these procedures will be shipped to Chinese, because I only see Russia’s relief supplies on the way to Sichuan Chengdu Moscow time 13 days. He thinks about that the distance between China recently those countries have the unexpected disaster assistance at this time of action. read more

Spicy mom announced the completion of the D round of financing value Suning synergies


technology news (Sun Hongchao) February 9th news today, the domestic mobile maternal community platform freaky help announced the completion of the D round of financing, this round of financing by Suning group strategic investment, the two sides did not disclose the specific amount of financing and investment proportion.

hot mom help CEO gold praise

freaky help of Tencent technology said, because freaky help 2016 has achieved the scale of profits, so this round of financing is mainly strategic cooperation, paid more attention to the investment of existing resources for the development of enterprise strategic synergy. read more

Sogou v. 360 final Sogou drain user information unfair competition 360


technology news November 18th news, Sogou company v. Qihoo 360 unfair competition case in the Beijing intellectual property court verdict, the court of second instance that Sogou browser user information leak the content is true, but the publicity behavior of 360 constitute unfair competition, a sentence of 360 to 100 thousand yuan for sogou.

related reading:

, a "pop" Sogou 360 war


360 lawsuit pinch: May lawsuit to tug of war

In the case of

due to the November 2013, 360 companies found that Sogou browser vulnerabilities related to the users of Alipay, bank accounts and other information. 360 through 360 security guards, micro-blog official 360 security guards pop news means this news was spread. read more

Superior network business SNS is the Internet venture has not yet been reclaimed gold

editor’s note: what is Ushi? Compared with the commercial SNS originator LinkedIn, how to do more to understand Chinese? The future, Ushi is high-end crowd club, or extended to white-collar crowd? The interview Ushi CEO and co-founder of Penaloza, Ushi CPO and co-founder Zhang month. The answer will be given to the problem.


for Ushi CEO and co-founder Penaloza (TechWeb pictures)

figure is excellent network CPO and co-founder Zhang month

[TechWeb] in the excellent network seems, business SNS is still an untapped gold mine. read more

Target team the gathering is a great opportunity to communicate

      one of the target team representatives: summary of the fifth session of the Shanghai station

      I was one of the target team on behalf of the party, that sits in the middle of the little girl that I talk a lot of nonsense, the party is over to Nanjing to come back this afternoon, ^_^

here to a party for the first time to hand in the homework

      this is the first time I participated in the Shanghai party is pulling a webmaster, do a target, an experience is also very interesting, I talk about my experiences. read more

Internet Finance Association closed door meeting of the deployment of special rectification report a

May 19th, twenty-first Century economic report reporter learned from informed sources exclusively, in the morning, to listen to the local association of Internet banking related opinions and suggestions, strengthen coordination, reach consensus, concerted efforts to guide the local association in accordance with the central deployment to carry out related work, China Internet Finance Association held and local association official forum will.

According to reports, the day attended the meeting, including the leadership of the association and the relevant departments in charge of the head of the people’s Bank of branch, as well as the heads of some local associations. read more

Evernote from an elephant to elephant family

Russian Americans Phil · Libin (Phil Libin); the first Chinese trip was "besieged". At the GMIC conference in May, was surrounded by the elephant "Libin of the fans and the media.

is the founder of "Libin impression notes", the company English called Evernote, are fans affectionately known as "elephant", because the impression notes with a green head of the elephant as a symbol.

today, Libin "elephants", has begun in the Chinese landing, the establishment of the office, and find some more reliable local partners, such as UC Web, Alipay (micro-blog) etc.. read more

Chen Tong responded to join millet, 360 rumors are not accurate, not anxious to determine the next s

lead: the current rumors are not accurate, ready to rest for a period of time, do not worry to determine the next step, try not to leave the Internet industry.

according to the Beijing News reported yesterday, editor Chen Tong officially announced his resignation, about Chen Tong after leaving the whereabouts of industry speculation, unable to agree on which is right. A saying that Chen Tong will accept or millet technology CEO Lei Jun to join millet, served as vice president of marketing, which is another way of saying it will join the 360. But millet and 360, have expressed ignorance. read more

2008 Internet – a combination of personality and fantasy

      2008, what a regret people numbers. It is not only a number, a code. It is a symbol, a look, a symbol, a young man’s password


      the passage of time, the era of the old society by leaps and bounds, and the new century has formed one after another, now a unique flavor of modern society, more formed our new generation of youth. We show their own personality, we try to pursue their own ideals, crazy my Fantasy…… so I would say that 2008 is a personality and fantasy heyday, it is a combination of personality and fantasy, but this belongs to our young generation! read more

Is it good or bad for the planet to stop music

TTPOD was once NOKIA era with the best music player software, many people have dumped, can be acquired by Ali since 2013, almost all downhill, until it was renamed Ali planet, then to TTPOD player to stop the service, then to Ali star player to stop music service, everyday sounds "memory" really want to disappear.

November 13, 2016, App Store update list appeared in the name of Ali planet, compared to several small update before Ali, the latest planet "at the [stop] Ali music service will soon stop all star music" P, after all there are many everyday sounds "fans" in its name still with ALI planet, but if even the basic music services are stopped, the everyday sounds of the shadow will be completely left. read more

Ding Tao in front of the Microsoft WPS office365 really just a joke

April 17, 2014, entered the 20 anniversary of China on the occasion of the Internet, "IT" Time organized a person from the media into the Microsoft Corp exploration activities, I have the honour to be invited to participate in. This activity has nearly 20 people from the media and technical experts to participate in in-depth understanding and independent view of cloud computing, we have made some wonderful ideas and insights, Microsoft has also put forward suggestions of the transformation of many high perspicacity. read more

Mobile analysis report video content of mobile Internet traffic accounted for 50%

Beijing on February 26th news, according to foreign media reports, according to the well-known market research firm ByteMobile released the day before the first quarter of 2012, mobile video traffic analysis report shows that the global mobile Internet traffic has occupied 50%, an increase of 10%.

ByteMobile analyzed data using SmartCapacity network management tool 3G and 4G mobile network, the report shows in part of the mobile network, video traffic has accounted for as high as 69%, and video traffic intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer users has been increasing. High definition video, multimedia content scrolling play as well as the increase of two-way video communication has also led to the growth of mobile video traffic to a large extent. read more

Why do you stand

      for interest? This is a dream of non cross age, do not deny the pure interest to do the website, but an open without a profit even in the loss of the website, I am not very willing to go to call him master

      for money! At least that’s what I was doing. I was standing in a position to make money. In fact, the percentage of input and output per station was almost 0.1 to $1000.

      I believe there are a lot of earning one thousand to two thousand owners, they may have a N force, but, really, in some of our circle of people’s eyes, they are not what they are only one thousand, two thousand hour, even a minute income. read more

Mobile provinces and companies in the business site to enable all 10086 domain names

July 9th news, China Mobile provinces and seven new business sites have enabled domain name.

it is understood, including China Mobile 31 branch and 139 mailboxes, Fetion ( (, mobile application store (, 139 (, wireless music community (, mobile phone game (, mobile payment (, China Mobile seven new business website domain name change have been completed recently.

previously, China Mobile group’s official website has enabled 10086 domain names in June this year. read more

Jingdong highest fund-raising $1 billion 690 million, is scheduled to be listed in May 22nd

Abstract: Jingdong IPO pricing is expected to be between $16 to $18, raising up to $1 billion 690 million, self valuation of $24 billion 870 million. Sources revealed to the titanium media, Jingdong has been basically identified in May 22nd listing. Prior to the Jingdong has been finalized in the Nasdaq stock market traded securities code for JD". However, Jingdong is still at a loss, in recent years, Jingdong and Tmall contest confirms a point: independent vertical electricity supplier is still a loss, the platform is profitable electricity supplier. read more

Jian Wang 2015 will focus on the regulation of copyright issues in cloud storage

[Abstract] "sword net 2015" second stages from August 1st to October 31st, the centralized rectification stage.

the afternoon of August 17th, the State Copyright Bureau held "Jian Wang 2015" forum in beijing. The meeting summed up the "Jian Wang 2015" achievements and problems, a clear focus on the task of the second stage. Meeting the requirements of case handling is the priority among priorities to promote special action. All localities should increase law of administrative punishment and criminal punishment, focused on investigating a number of major cases according to law; to dare to sword, with the sword at law, establish the copyright law enforcement departments handling authority, play a leading role in the network copyright order. read more

O2O community comprehensive freeze financial community how to avoid the trap into the unique

2013-2014, in the capital frenzy pursued, all kinds of property management, regional and social differentiation in various fields of life service platform emerged, with a new business logic community O2O industry began to explode.

However, the

community O2O soon face good times don’t last long, three low high dilemma: low growth, low user activity, low margin, high operation cost, high marginal cost. With the fall of 2015 dropped the Ding Dong District quietly, a large community of O2O appeared in the merger, sale or direct closure of the situation. Community O2O in the eyes of entrepreneurs and investors have become the hot potato from meat and potatoes. read more official accused of breaking the negotiations failed to suppress news closed the door of sina and Shen Yunfang


technology news January 31st morning news, employees compensation negotiations with the parent company Monster last night was scheduled to finalize the results, but has so far failed to reach agreement. headquarters in Beijing has been from the beginning of last night by a security guard, outsiders can not enter. At the same time, employees react to the company’s internal network is cut off, questioning the official attempt to block the message. CEO and Monster has yet to comment. read more

Comsenz released in early March cross platform Discuz X community!

cross-border community platform Discuz! X part screenshot

February 26th morning news, community platform and service providers will soon release a Comsenz integrated community, SNS and other Internet applications of the new cross-border community platform Discuz! X, for the first time in March is expected to open beta.

Li Mingshun

, vice president of the board of directors Comsenz yesterday in an Tencent technology interview revealed the news, he said, the platform is in 2010, one of the most important products, will be the first online in the near future. read more