IMO, and the root cause of food stealing happy Lianzhong this several start-ups decline


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ongoing 3Q 360 v. Tencent monopoly case, is the Supreme People’s court for trial, the results are not yet known. But during the proceedings, 360 showed consistent " tough fight ", published an open letter; "don’t let monopolies stifle young entrepreneurs Chinese entrepreneurial dream!" such as the high cost phenomenon caused by the monopoly in Chinese Tongsu, also referred to by several giants to join the competition without falling start-ups, IMO Lianzhong, and happy to steal food. read more

Qihoo 360 accused due to the net loan eye trademark disputes

December 9th morning news, Beijing court official website today released the case express, optiviva Mammon Inc to tort liability disputes will be taken to court because of dissatisfaction with the Qihoo, Qihoo company many times to the major software application store "net loan eye" infringement complaint.

with Qihoo company many times to each big software application store "net loan eye" complaints of infringement, tort liability disputes with optiviva Mammon Inc Qihoo company to court. Currently, the Haidian court accepted the case. read more

Micro-blog commercialization movement how to make money first step

how to take the first step in making money, which is a process of commercialization of micro-blog suspense. The British youth Alex · drawing experience gives us some inspiration, as early as 2006, 21 year old Alex · map created a site, he divided the site into 1 million small squares, each square and sold at a price of $1, this bold idea makes Alex become a millionaire in the enviable a short period of time. The United States Silicon Valley blog pioneer Dave · Weiner; opinion, should be to those who create value in its network users pay, but if will create advertising revenue rather than to meet the needs of users in the first place, then micro-blog will embark on a path of development with the television industry. read more

Daily topic prosecution Chen Ou said the firm is the stock market.

A5 ( station network December 16th news, announced that the United States MilbergLLP LLP, will represent the May 16, 2014 to November 19th to buy stock investors have launched a class action lawsuit against the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, and its executives accused of violating the Federal Securities Law, issued false and misleading statements to investors.

specifically, issued false and misleading statements and / or fails to disclose the following information: (1) changed its revenue model, namely from the market as a commodity sales service transformation; (2) the transformation of prior to the success of financial performance constitutes a huge risk; (3) and expand the market as service not to its commitment. read more

3 new express courier companies will bid farewell to the era of grassroots entrepreneurship checked

, a warning notice before the official website of the State Post Bureau, will once again express to join the grassroots and the new thrust into the spotlight.


announcement shows that Beijing Feiteng Shunda logistics company (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Feiteng, Shanghai maclift Shunda) express limited company (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai maclift) and Shenzhen Xintong Express Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Shenzhen ICT) has been achieved in the courier business, business license or business license of the city made only under the condition of unauthorized nationwide franchise activities and joining fees. The "daily economic news" reporter learned that Beijing and Shanghai maclift Feiteng Shunda was established in 2014, Shenzhen Telecom also in October 2014 after the capital increase to enter the express delivery industry. Currently, 3 companies have been involved in illegal Hubei, Guizhou, Henan, Guangdong, Gansu, Shandong, Jiangxi and other provinces, a number of local postal authorities also issued a warning. read more

International domain name will also be included in the scope of regulation

is the standard management of domain name registration and service order, effectively carry out combat mobile phone pornography special action to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of Internet users, the Ministry of industry in December 16, 2009 the organization of national domain name registration service and management institutions held in Beijing aimed at regulating the national domain name registration and carry out combat mobile phone pornographic special action meeting in accordance with the law. read more

Bitcoin intraday rose to $970 after narrowing

(original title: bitcoin intraday rose to $970 after narrowing)


China bitcoin trading platform BTCChina a large number of selling, so the impact of $1000 bitcoin blocked. In just a few minutes, bitcoin fell from $950 to $970, down volume.

however, bitcoin still rose throughout the day. Beijing time on Thursday morning around 1:30, bitcoin dollar rose $22.86, or $2.45%, at $954.5950, the highest intraday price of $970.4708.

in the past week, in dollar terms, bitcoin prices soared 18%; if the RMB, bitcoin soared by 22%. read more

Monopoly of the mobile terminal Instagram website gorgeous revision back to the PC side

[Abstract]Instagram removed a large number of decorative elements, such as image border, the interface is more clean.

Tencent Francisco mobile Internet market has a unique phenomenon, "star APP" monopoly intelligent mobile phone terminal, began construction of PC end products, to achieve all the market. Mobile phone photo sharing tool Instagram has become the latest case, the day before the implementation of the gorgeous facelift website.

belongs to Facebook Instagram, has become a mobile phone photo shoot, share market monopoly, more than three hundred million active users, has become one of the three most popular mobile social networking tool for young people. read more

TechWeb fault reconstruction suspected to be included in the rectification blacklist

news January 26th, the domain name user forum posting said, since January 21st, cannot access after this visit page is under maintenance, netizens speculated that TechWeb may be blacklisted because of illegal content.

it is understood that, as early as in January 21st, the original domain was stopped after parsing, users temporarily use to access the network, TechWeb also issued a notice said, because the exact cause is unknown, the company is in the contact address. January 26th, visit the domain name, the page shows that the network is being maintained. read more

Chinese social network Rise and decline of 9 years who is the master

in the field of social networking, we observed a phenomenon: while trying to thousands, although Comsenz UCenter as the representative of the open source program in a similar manner, Discuz! But why SNS didn’t blossom everywhere like BBS


for the analysis of the reasons, I compared the main domestic SNS project development process and several key competitive landscape.

1, according to information, Facebook was born in February 2004, QQ space was born in April 2005, the predecessor of Renren network was born in the year of December 2005. Therefore, the world SNS ten years old this year, China SNS. read more

The 17 year old students to increase website hits 250 pornographic articles for reprint

edit reminder:

              a pornographic website caught and sentenced case we have done a lot of reports, here again remind the webmaster friends website there is no shortcut to success, to rely on their own struggle and efforts to fight, don’t take any chances to do some illegal things, otherwise eventually harm to others.

            live in Hubei Yunxian 17 year old students kogusu, in order to improve the running the site click rate, to the site from the Internet to reprint 250 pornographic articles, only 3 months time, the number of browsing these articles up to about 300000 times. In September 16th, Tianchang people’s court to the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials on the defendant sentenced to control a year kogusu. read more

Renamed Shanghai Shanghai river network domain name is enabled

renamed China ( April 20th news, today, the famous Internet learning platform Hujiang network announced renamed shanghai". Go to the "network", the Shanghai VI system, logo and slogn are also new, only the domain name is still kept unchanged, Larry domain


: Shanghai home

It is reported that the domain name is

, Shanghai through the purchase price of the Chinese platform ". Shanghai operating company is Shanghai and cross culture dissemination limited company, is located in Shanghai, shanghai". "Jiang" is refers to the Huangpu River in Shanghai, educational resources, such as the surging river. Go to the "network", "Shanghai" directly with the domain name read more

Kai Ying network Wang Yue Grassroots game Empire

text / Liu Yan photography / Yuan Jianmin

game industry has such a feature: the annual development of thousands of games, there is a very limited income. In social games started Kai Ying network (KingNet) developed the first web game "Legend of Shushan monthly income of tens of millions of dollars, and continues to grow, become the performance of Tencent third party game developers in the best.

Kai Ying network helm Wang Yue, is a self proclaimed "do not understand the game" 80. Two years, he led more than and 400 people to develop the "building" and "the Dinosaur kingdom", "hot blooded pirate king" and a variety of SocialGame friends, QQ space, landing Tencent, Facebook and other platforms, accumulated more than one hundred million users, every day can bring one hundred thousand yuan income for him. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast tiger sniffing for the new board listed Wang Sicong afternoon shredded R

1 tiger sniffing the network to apply for the listing of three new board revenues of $9 million 260 thousand last year,  

September 28th news, tiger sniffing technology has recently officially applied for the listing of three new board, in September 25th its listed material has been publicly disclosed in the official website of the shares transferred.

according to public information, tiger sniffing technology was founded in February 24, 2012, the company’s legal representative Lee min. As of July 31, 2015, the company employs 50 people, as of May 31, 2015, the company employs 37 people. Tiger sniffing technology board consisting of Li Min, Li Yong, Cai Yu, Jiang Chun, Chen Liang 5 directors, including the chairman Li Minren, and Chen Liang Alipay is the director of public relations. read more

The 2011 school year will be the theme of electricity generation power is located

in August 2011 19, the 20 held in Beijing, the third generation of e-commerce will be sent in the 800 national well-known electricity supplier CEO and industry professionals to interpret, insight into the industry opportunities, break through the bottleneck of the development of enterprises, the driving force for the electricity supplier industry benign.

2011, electricity supplier crazy year

April 1, 2011, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong Mall (micro-blog) issued a formal announcement at micro-blog, said the Jingdong C round of financing amounted to $1 billion 500 million, the arrival of 1 billion 100 million dollars, 400 million dollars after the arrival. April Fool’s day, Liu Qiangdong announced the financing is not only alerted the electricity business sector, in all industries have caused great shock, which is the largest single private equity financing in the history of Chinese enterprise development. A corner of this round of investment Jingdong mall to obtain only the venture capital institutions in the field of electronic commerce to launch a new round of "burning" competition of the iceberg, and at the end of last year where the financing $100 million, the team will also scale from 5000 people to 20000 people, crazy growth, the logistics sector will light up to 10000 people. As billions of dollars of financing and handle, such as Wo Wo Group group purchase enterprises. Crazy as well as advertising, search keywords, navigation sites, portals and other advertising rose to 30% to 40%. read more

Wang Tong the power of the brand

a friend is a gift, every year on the water million, but the profit is not high. A sale of dozens of dollars in a single product in the most competitive when only a few cents profit.

three years ago, this man made a simple change, the rapid turnover increased a lot, the profit has become high up, single product profits even as high as a few yuan, the annual profit of billions of dollars. How did he do it?

1, registered a trademark abroad;

2, invested a designer team;

3, a steady stream of creative products design, and then look for factory processing; read more

Nine Orange Network letter to talk about Shanghai Telecom broadband Enterprise Station Promotion

came to Shanghai nine Orange Network letter has been there for 2 months, but also a basic understanding of the company’s business processes. At present, the focus of my work is nine orange network station outside the letter to promote and enhance the flow of 5351 projects.

Including the network marketing method of

is common: search engine marketing (including search engine registration, search engine optimization, keyword advertising, advertising and other forms of bidding), online advertising, exchange links, email list marketing, permission Email marketing, online store marketing, online auctions, online membership marketing, viral marketing, information release, network community marketing, network marketing, blog marketing and so on. And I want to focus on the ways to improve the enterprise site traffic and entertainment flow methods. If there is inappropriate, please correct the instructions. read more

Fragmented era of soft advertising services which

network promotion is a hot word in the process of commercialization of the Internet, then what is the network promotion?

The promotion of the

network in general can be divided into two kinds of hard and soft wide wide spread, hard wide can be divided into: keyword bidding, web promotion, is usually the most direct means for enterprises to obtain traffic and customers, but in recent years, network information fragmentation and with the inter industry competition and more intense, hard wide advantage gradually weakened, resulting in the word-of-mouth marketing, interactive marketing, content marketing has attracted more and more attention and application of enterprise information, the fragmentation of many enterprises in the selection of soft wide when do not know how to operate, today is for everyone to talk about the classification of soft wide. read more

SEO is not the only way to get traffic

had participated in the Internet on the Internet is relatively well-known and very large scale SEO training platform. Through this platform let me on the website construction, website operation and SEO optimization has a new concept, also from that time to know what is the directional flow, what is the exact flow. But because of this platform is to do SEO training, so they give the students explained on the website ranking process is probably from the site, the construction site -SEO optimization (update + crazy chain) – directional flow. This model and process for pure SEO is no problem, but after all, not everyone will SEO, not all sites can be promoted by SEO. SEO is not the only way to get the site traffic, the following Lanzhou SEO with a little understanding of their own to share the site access to traffic. read more

Summary of 2 cases of grade marketing

      yesterday finishing some of the marketing 2 cases, these cases are the classic marketing of the 2. Repeatedly read, benefited ah. Today, the idea of sorting out, talk about my understanding of marketing 2.

      from these cases, although there are differences in marketing products and services, there are several common.

      first, entertainment

      different from traditional marketing, marketing 2 in the process of operation, more is to commercialize, and pay more attention to the experience of entertainment elements. To sell hamburger with good chicken animation, promotion website relies on highly entertaining color personality service, yellow ball is one of the entertainment movement, including the "classic masterpiece Chinese local Baidu know better Chinese" is also a show of color comedy entertainment, and so on, the result is that the case has achieved incredible success. Entertainment can be brought about by a wider audience, more attractive products and services. read more