Summary of the local forum to promote a few small ideas

forum and local station has its own unique characteristics, in some places the site contains local forum, so in the promotion planning on some similar, these seemingly narrow area and people actually have more things for us to dig, some local BBS do several small ideas to promote the summary today, hoping for some webmaster can help, if there are different views, hope that more exchanges.

SEO is also based on the protection of

for a forum, maybe he is not the most important keywords ranking is good, but it is important to provide the forum content, users from the forum are fun and he needs, the most important point lies in the content, which is well known to us, but does not mean that SEO is not important for a the forum, even if the content is in place, the reputation is also good, but he still needs to search engines, it can be said that most of the website needs to search engines, it is beneficial to the development of the website. First of all to ensure that when the local search + Forum, your website will appear in the top, also is when some hot news, when the best people search your website ranking, so you can let more users find your site. Based on these two points, the site certainly needs a good weight, so SEO is the foundation is also guaranteed. read more

Let us tell you how to win more users really recommend

Baidu "search engine optimization guide 2" said: "there are a lot of Internet content, providing the same service website, when the same content, the website which will be ranked in the search engine front? Decisive factor is recommended (user). We often say that the super chain, is a recommendation (form)".

Baidu search engineer Lee in response to pure text site weight transfer problems further said "search engines recommend" criteria: "we (Baidu) on the link should transfer the weight, the only criterion is: this link is the user or the other website really recommend your website, this recommendation is valuable to the user". read more

McKinsey’s approach in the face of new products, how to quickly familiar with the business and work

we’re going to look at how to solve this problem with mckinsey.

if you understand McKinsey, you must have heard a word "key driver", also is the result of core factors appear a problem, but for the strange feeling of a product, the key driving factor is because of the fact that to understand "". This is another reference to McKinsey’s problem with the fact that " is based on facts, and that the analysis of any problem is based on objective facts. And this is the secret of your industry and product. read more

Summary of business entities to promote the practice of line two

recent focus on learning about the predecessors of website operation and promotion experience, and how to realize the profit method, based on the operation of Shenzhen I dig it nets tepid situation, decided to make an attempt to sweep the streets! No longer rely on Baidu and GOOGLE.


to implement this measure, it is necessary to introduce Shenzhen to dig it now, the definition of the theme of commercial consumer information website in Shenzhen, is around the Shenzhen merchants do want to extend and how to start to build the ECMALL online mall, in exchange for businesses to pay gas settled in. In order to achieve the purpose of profit. read more

Instant messaging cloud cloud cloud service providers announced the completion of 50 million yuan A

investment community news February 29th, IM financial cloud cloud service providers yesterday announced the completion of the A round of 50 million yuan financing, this financing led by ZTE dhc. CEO Han Ying Rong Yun said, the future will create social and life services, entertainment, games, video, electricity providers, education and health, financial planning and coordination office 9 widefield communications cloud services. Currently, the investment institutions have approached B round of financing. read more

The promotion of the operation of the valve site 234

in the country, there lived an old man, he had a son, and his son. Suddenly one day, a city man found the old man and said to him, "dear old man, I want to take your son to work in the city." The old man said angrily: "no, absolutely not, you get out!" the man said, "if I can give you a son in the city to find an object,?" the old man shook his head: "no, get out!" the man said: "if I give your son to find the object. That is your future daughter-in-law is the daughter of Rockefeller?" the old man thought and thought, finally let his son as "Rockefeller’s son" this thing talk. read more

Website promotion need to pay attention to what

now many webmaster use a variety of ways to promote their site, is to let yourself get better flow, each method is different, if you promote your site in the wrong way, you can actually reduce rather than increase the amount of access to


1 some people just love spam mail promotion, all spam, although if you’re content to attract people, it will also bring some IP, but so long is not good, so every day, people will think of you, you will go to visit the station! Besides, junk mail bring to you the enemy rather than a friend, it will make your site by ISP ban, search engine will not be friendly to you, to reduce your visitors. read more

On the benefits of social marketing to corporate sales

a web site or a web site based on a large number of other information publishing platform as well as the standard configuration of an enterprise, enough to show the importance of Internet information dissemination to an enterprise. So now there are more and more so-called marketing companies to help companies provide solutions. Many of them are a real deal provided to enterprises, but also there are many not down to earth, the theory of the phenomenon of empty biao.

many companies want to increase sales performance from the Internet, because they have heard that this is a trend, if you do not take advantage of the line will be eliminated. Perhaps it is because the enterprise open Internet channel already standard, so the operation mode are also standardized, for small and medium-sized enterprises in general is to engage in a website or micro-blog WeChat platform, and then move one or more of the person in charge or custody to the third party marketing company. They are naive to think that doing so will have the sales, but the reality is cruel, I think there is no need to say that we all know that the reality of the effect of doing so is not too ideal. read more

Top 10 Internet tools for marketers

body in the mobile Internet and social networking development under the influence of the Internet era, as a marketing person, we can clearly feel the changes in the consumer market. In the face of increasingly differentiated, diversified consumer demand, marketing people urgently need a set of mobile technology, data collection and analysis, customer CRM and other marketing line work demand marketing tool for rapid and precise marketing activities.

in order to help the marketing people better complete marketing activities, based on the current market of some popular marketing tool for investigation and trial, today we sorted out the 10 marketing personnel necessary Internet tools designed to help people break the bottleneck of marketing marketing. read more

Another way of thinking, to help you improve the recovery rate of the questionnaire!

were removed from the Internet, whether you are doing promotion, product, or sell products all need to understand your users and the market, it is inevitable to carry out research, qualitative, and quantitative and qualitative to the user said, we can do user interviews, quantitative questionnaire survey that we can do, of course. If you do, products, products already on the line, with the accumulation of large data, the natural effect of data analysis do best, after all have psychological research shows that users do when the survey is consciously doing, not necessarily the actual demand, user behavior in the unconscious is sure to more real. But today we only do some analysis on the questionnaire. read more

Ali Wang Hua, general manager of the division of the cause of the mother the future of marketing is

October 30th, the Alibaba group and Youku potatoes group held a joint strategy conference, Ali mother and Youku potatoes also issued a open data management platform (Alimama DMP), Damour plate and precision marketing scheme "big data based on the Star Wars program". Through the opening and cooperation, Ali mother is the establishment of digital marketing ecosystem by Damour disk based, through consumption, social, financial, weather, traffic, entertainment and a series of internal and external data sources, bear the heavy responsibility of DT era marketing infrastructure. read more

Liu Qiangdong gamble Jingdong home, why was wrong

Zhang Chenyong

/ Wisteria Institute, the head figure authorized by the visual Chinese, without permission, do not reprint

Jingdong Liu Qiangdong said: "2015 will concentrate mainly on home Jingdong, Jingdong home mission is to defeat the Jingdong," said "to Jingdong like Tencent home expectations expectations for WeChat, to create a high frequency APP". Jingdong user shopping frequency is much lower than Taobao, which is the demand for electrical goods demand characteristics, Jingdong to change the situation, had to start with fresh and fast consumer goods. Facts have proved that the traditional electricity supplier Center warehouse delivery does not apply to the public fresh and supermarket FMCG category, because of the high cost of long-distance delivery, poor timeliness. So Liu Qiangdong put the bet to Jingdong home, with a short distance delivery solution to solve the problem of FMCG electricity supplier. read more

Internet entrepreneurs to help traditional channel giant usher in B2C challenge

a B2C practitioners in the market to accept the "daily economic news" reporter said, "obviously, whether it is commodity prices or enterprise operation chain reaction, the B2C enterprise has not only Suning can catch up on the scale."

B2C Chinese website can be profitable in 2009 through the "Climbing"?, Jingdong B2C giant mall and a number of recent activity, seems to give the answer to this question.

day before, in the field of domestic B2C old leader admitted for the first time this year is expected to achieve annual earnings in March this year, monthly sales of more than 200 million yuan Jingdong mall recently frequent high-profile appearance. At the same time, the domestic appliance chain stores Suning Appliance giant announced a high-profile, will be achieved in the year to enter the B2C market. In fact, this will be a network of Internet start-ups and traditional channels between giants. Who has seen the prospects of e-commerce, but this field has not yet appeared in B2B and C2C Alibaba and Taobao as the oligarchs. read more

What is the future of e-commerce development

e-commerce refers to the use of Internet as the main means of information transmission and business activities. Here the business activities include the profit for the purpose of product sale and service delivery activities, internal management and external coordination activities and enterprises in order to achieve the product sales and services provided by.

complete e-commerce involves many aspects, in addition to buyers, sellers, but also banks or financial institutions, government agencies, certification bodies, distribution centers and other institutions to join the line. E-commerce is the product of the development of high technology, e-commerce is also closely related to technology. In addition, the legal protection is also an important link in the development of e-commerce. read more

More than half of retail performance decline overweight electricity supplier does not follow the tra

side of the electricity supplier market continued rapid growth in the size of the transaction, while the physical performance of a dismal. Clearly, the days of traditional retailers are still tough. In April 9th 2015 United Business Network Conference and Global Retail Innovation Summit, retailers argue on the traditional and electronic business has become a hot spot.  

Oriental Wealth Choice data show that as of April 9th has announced the results of physical retailers, more than half of the company’s revenue decline, net profit fell sharply in a few. read more

Online shopping development guidance introduced the establishment of multi-channel investment and fi

29 reporter was informed that the Ministry of Commerce recently issued the "guidance" on promoting the healthy development of online shopping, we need to strengthen the support of network shopping policy, continue to establish and improve the network to adapt to the needs of the development of shopping diversification, multi-channel investment and financing system.

in addition, the "opinions" also proposed to make effective use of fiscal funds to guide the credibility of online shopping enterprises, operating norms to accelerate development, to encourage the country to study and formulate supporting policies and measures to strengthen the construction of network infrastructure and technological innovation investment. Encourage enterprises and financial institutions to carry out credit sales and consumer credit business for online shopping groups. read more

Adsense advertising alliance should pay attention to several problems

online advertising alliance more and more now, which brings convenience to the majority of owners, but also appeared many problems, there are some problems are still very serious damage to the interests of the majority of owners. VIP Resources Forum ( in order to summarize these problems under investigation is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

one, is the issue of open data. Some of the data to Wangzhuan advertising a day or even a few days before the update, and the public is very poor, the effect of advertising credibility, also make the webmaster for authoritative data doubt and helpless. read more

Network assistant Henan pesticide industry in 2015 working conference was a complete success

January 9, 2015, 2015 new pesticide pesticide industry development forum and the work of Henan province will be held successfully in Zhengzhou Canal Hotel, the content of the meeting involved agricultural electricity supplier, the formulation of new pesticides and other topics, and the selection of the 2015 annual pesticide industry of Henan Province ten units.

web hosting industry as the only listed company, net explorer successfully co this event, here follow Xiaobian together into this event, the first time to understand the latest developments in congress. read more

Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan’s massive deal successfully completed thanks to it!

Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan’s massive deal successfully completed thanks to it!


technology news April 2nd afternoon news service announced before the golden ant, ant payment service and Alibaba independent research and development of the general relational database OceanBase has all the support of Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan daily transactions. This is the real meaning of the first Created in China database.

ant gold service relevant person in charge, since 2010, Alibaba, ant gold service began independent research and development database system OceanBase, the system from the project to the ground has experienced five years. This change means that OceanBase has the ability to meet the needs of massive Internet data processing, can support complex, highly reliable financial services. read more