Do you still do Wangzhuan chewing chicken ribs

A few years ago when Wangzhuan had just begun, people flow is king, many owners believe that as long as the flow, there will be a lot of money into the pockets. At that time I am also very agree, because the network environment and now is different, one of the biggest feature is the Internet users generally "stupid". Because at that time a lot of people are just know the Internet, is immersed in the network of magic and colorful among all kinds of advertising do not understand. One of the best examples of the popular SP mobile phone business is overwhelming, but there are still many people fooled. So at that time the flow is absolutely equal to the real money. but with the rapid popularization of Internet, more and more Internet users gradually from rookie into hardcore geek, not to mention the general click on the ads, even those who were artists carefully designed to download pictures will be easy for them to see through, gradually, many webmaster feel heavy pressure. One thousand IP has been able to earn a few hundred, and now earn tens of good. Therefore, in order to improve revenue, many owners have chosen to increase the flow of this road. today’s Internet users are smart, want to pull popular needs more efforts, so some webmaster to join the alliance with some software flow, make group in the station, and even with the aid of hacker technology. Although every day tired, but eventually earn money is still unsatisfactory.[…]

Talk about how to improve the flow of some feelings

Wangzhuan information network currently 80% day traffic from search engine, external links to the flow of little, in learning SEO, see others say can improve the flow by bookmarking, forum, blog, soft, Links etc., Wangzhuan information network have done this way to promote the site, but the effect is really well, take it as a forum, a post, a day not to sink, in a number of well-known forums, then a bad ending is the administrator and other members that you deliberately AD, do not delete your ID number. information network Wangzhuan because in some famous forum, continued a few days with their own chain chain of the last post by the administrator ruthless title. The chain of words, some of the friends of the chain website traffic and information network Wangzhuan although large, but a day through his chain to at most only a dozen IP, friends of the chain’s role is to improve your PR value and weight. said everyone can put blog traffic into my master station, this is a good idea, but out of the question, for some beginners own station has not got popularity, which still have energy to promote the blog, at most a day from the blog attracted several IP. This method is suitable for the master. As for the network method, Wangzhuan information network has not been tried.               write more effective, whenever I write a high quality article published in A5, the flow will greatly enhance the day, but second[…]

Translated by the learned DuoLingo $15 million financing

  if you just started to learn a new language you participate in the translation of the content of the web page, is not a surprise, but Duolingo can make this happen. The package will be translated into foreign languages and foreign language learning in the three months after the official launch of the site on the official line of the NEA round of $B round of financing, A round investors Union Square Ventures also voted. is the DuoLingo model can be described as "double-edged sword" to let people learn a foreign language for free while also using Crowdsourcing to complete other web content translation, or is the foreign language learning motivation is to let people do webpage translation work for free. DuoLingo helps you to open the door to a new language in terms of listening, speaking, reading and translating. When you learn a new word DuoLingo with pictures and sounds to help you enhance memory, and use dictation words, words, look the way you detect diversification pronunciation let you consolidate what has been learned in practice.   you have finished in a certain amount of vocabulary and grammar knowledge, DuoLingo will let you translate a sentence in practice. These sentences are taken from actual web content, rather than ready-made foreign language textbooks. You do not have to learn the common textbooks that coined the "common dialogue". these sentences to be translated are not randomly assigned to foreign language learners, but for different users of the degree of learning to give appropriate sentences. For[…]

Novice Taobao how to spend the least money to earn the most money

see Taobao guest website, as a novice, is not for the heart? I thought, I have such a website more nice… Now. In fact, station is also very easy to… You might ask, I do not know the procedures, can also be? In fact, as long as typing, as you can do your own web site, I have engaged in Taobao off for more than a year, no program, only PS, my Taobao guest website, is to use Notepad to do TXT. Taobao guest website, although I am not the master; but also know Taobao. Customers can really make money, but must have traffic can… After all, is to promote your website… Today talk about how to make money (money, first of all to have a tool to make money) only teach novice how to have their own Taobao guest website. The first step: application domain, URL. URL is more easy to remember as well… The application domain where? Now a lot of space business, choose good reputation and visibility for a little good. This site can be… A bit longer, so as to avoid taking down the space. The new site to find the best leave… Can help the space for the record, because the site you don’t understand, their preparation, a long time, may not be successful. second step: the purchase of space, where to buy the best domain name and space in a space, this service is a little better, do not understand can find the space. However, the novice do[…]

TopFloor seamless integration of social networking sites and e-commerce

    uses social media to advertise to a large audience, and a large percentage of these audiences will become real consumers. No one knows this law better than MySpace CEO and former Science Media co-founder Mike Jone, as well as advertising entrepreneur Brian. The two from the Losangeles giants jointly launched TopFloor, an electronic commerce based on advertising, video advertising, their service integrated Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other popular social networking sites. The established 6 month start-up company has maintained a low profile until they officially announced today from Google Ventures, Ploaris Ventures, Crosslink Ventures and Rustic Canyon Ventures, received more than $6 million in financing. While the company’s two glorious life founder, has been relegated to second tier actor directors and advisory role. Said a blog Jone and Lee published today: "so far, the relations between the social and commercial daily work usually do not too good, because most companies have taken the advertising hard into the social media practice. Commercial links and Facebook applications are the best examples of advertising, and now, this situation will be changed." TopFloor will be based on the different characteristics of different social platforms to develop different marketing strategies. For example, on the Youtube, they will add hyperlinks to the video annotation. On the Twitter, they will add a large number of cards in the video ads. After users click on the link to buy these goods, you can directly add the goods in their TopFloor shopping cart, then direct the payment of the purchase operation, the[…]

Taobao passenger was blocked is a stick to Taobao

Taobao Baidu blocked off, the owners applauded, owners complain incessantly. As a small Taobao do not do the webmaster, I can not make any comment. Baidu as a search engine, have their own rules of the right, whether it is the accusations and compliments, can not change its rules. Like any website, the user agreement is developed by the site, rather than in accordance with the wishes of the user to develop the same. had Taobao shield Baidu spiders, in fact, is to create their own rules, no matter what the views of Baidu, no matter what the views of the platform users, the rules developed by Taobao. From this point of view, in fact, Baidu makes sense, Taobao also makes sense. No matter who is accused of Baidu, or flatter the Baidu people, the same reason they have. But the angle of each person is not the same, the fact that the situation is not the same. but Baidu blocked Taobao off, how much to knock the stick Taobao. As Taobao continues to grow, now Taobao has shrunk, in front of the sellers and small owners, Taobao can make the rules a person willing to leave, follow the rules, do not comply with the rules alone. Some sellers so Taobao can not change Taobao Voices of discontent., strong, believe that many sellers have this feeling. As Ma claims "new network business", is nothing but a Taobao set the rules of the game. An attempt to develop new business rules, the new business civilization of[…]

Inside the online free or low-cost learning day earn hundred thousand yuan technology

online can be seen everywhere such advertising: free or low-cost learning day earn one hundred thousand yuan technology. Whether this is true or false advertising, I give everyone revealed today! Logic sense, of course, is a lie, free or low-cost learning day earn hundred thousand yuan, now that he has such a technology, why would he tell you that you are not his relatives and friends, you spend one hundred dollars money to buy ten thousand dollars, there is such a good thing! what is their purpose, ? the first is to engage in MLM / direct sales, because they need offline. I do not make this evaluation, if you feel that you have the strength to do direct sales, if it is pyramid schemes to persuade you or put a good early filling. ) difference between direct marketing and pyramid schemes is (my personal opinion): direct selling products will generally be cheaper than similar products / easy to use. The MLM is generally not a product or a product is not any value or more expensive than similar products or easy to use. second is a naked scam. now step by step inside second ! first step: PS or modify the HTML code, get a lot of a lot of receivables, resulting in the illusion of their profits. In the future on the Internet to see the collection plan must be carefully considered is true or false Oh!) the second step: start washing, take you into the group, or voice chat room, to tell[…]

Gong Haiyan entrepreneurship is to pursue a more beautiful scenery

original Jiayuan founder, now 91 foreign teachers network and the ladder network president Gong Haiyan is a legendary woman, set dagongmei, talented Peking University, China network matchmaker first multiple identities in one year; what’s the story behind her business? In the business she encountered any difficulty? Why in the cause of the peak choose to leave two business ? NetEase Finance: entrepreneurship is a difficult process, why do you choose to start again? Gong Haiyan: I think life is a journey, entrepreneurship is to pursue more beautiful scenery, but my personality is love toss, willing to try some new things to me is to enjoy the process of entrepreneurship, not feel some hardships, but business is to make my life will be more fulfilling. NetEase Finance: previously a senior executives of listed companies, there is such a halo, is now the founder of a new venture, there will be a sense of what the gap between it? Gong Haiyan: the original Jiayuan CEO, now again from zero to start a startup, one thing is important is their attitude to zero. I am a very quick adjustment, today resigned from the CEO, second days is a mentality of zero, as many friends I suspect the second venture with wanpiao, is probably just to see what the company actually not every day. I immediately decided to sell the house, because I am afraid that the future of the funds will be broken, and then rented a room in the company downstairs. But I am also with all[…]

Taobao store manager marketing way to earn tens of thousands of

I want to give you talk about what is the interactive marketing, in this Nothing is too strange. era of the Internet, interactive marketing allows you to earn tens of thousands. Q & a marketing as the name suggests is to achieve the purpose of marketing through questions and answers, so that our products in the entire Internet era, which is the best purpose of marketing. Only in this way can we make more RMB. Below I introduce several ways of interactive marketing: Baidu, Google, Soso Ask, answer the question and answer, Sogou quiz, they are through the mutual interaction between users, up to a certain "chain promotion, marketing effect; in accordance with the classification into their own good channel to answer cooperation, improve your circle the visibility, to produce a" tape "; expanded their personal data, reasonable nature appeared to express their own content, marketing your product or web site. then friends care methods, registered more than ten ID, answer the questions by publishing problems, between a question and answer about your product and website, leave the company’s product type, contact, so that users can clearly find our website or product. Answer as many times as possible to answer the answer, which can increase the activity, but also enhance the importance of the question and answer in the search engine. stay in the web site as far as possible not directly on the above, because now the site of the link is very strict requirements, see the words of the link immediately delete posts,[…]

Men open shop specifically to rescue MLM trapped personnel per million yuan

Wuhan, a man opened a shop in the Taobao online, said they provide professional services to help and save his life, to persuade people to fall into the mlm. He opened the service price is ten thousand yuan to save one person. Yesterday, the reporter left by its contact with the QQ, the man claimed that he had caught MLM experience, and has a unique way to help and persuade people into mlm. Save the idea after initiation experience marketing yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw a strange shop in Taobao online: the owner is not selling goods, but claimed to provide professional services to lay down his life to save, can fall into the MLM friend, each save a person 10 thousand yuan, the first payment after. left through the shop in the QQ number, the reporter contacted the network called "blue box" merchant. The owner claimed surnamed Zhang, 27 years old this year, Huanggang, graduated from Hubei University, worked in Wuhan for many years. My original job is to do marketing planning, but at the beginning of the year was an acquaintance cheated Guangxi Nanning MLM, fled after I had the idea to open shop to save." Zhang said, after being cheated to Nanning, I was a classmate of Hangzhou, the use of reverse stimulation makes me wake up. I think I can use this method to save others." MLM market space to save large according to Zhang analysis, the general method of persuasion, are directly tell you that this is a pyramid scheme,[…]

Think Wangzhuan comrades must see webmaster about how to make money

want to make money from the Internet, I think first of all to do the following. 1 ring impetuous. Why do I put this as the first, because I have deep experience. In the past, too many people see the success of the case, always want to succeed. Once I saw a three pages of a small garbage station, do stock GG advertising, income of a month can have thousands of, see my heart itch. Immediately note rice hanging station, engage in a while, Baidu has not included, the psychological cold, throw it there no matter. I’ve done a lot of things like this. Have students say that I am ambitious, I was listening to psychological discomfort, now have a look at that time, is really a bit quick. See how successful predecessors! Far not said that the first graph king of our Admin5 brother! Look at Baidu entry graph king, "graph king from a friend got a pro picture of the catch forum software, often with high bandwidth Internet, direct a forum a forum to catch take down. One night down tens of thousands of photos, and then use the ACDSee finishing miniature upload, graph king do things very crazy, music is not he, all handmade website, up to a year, finishing millions of pictures. Hand made nearly 50 image sites. When the search is not a website, often search for images of a class of the most of the first page of a map is the king of the more than and 50[…]

Thunder download terminate cooperation with mobile phone movie

recently received notice of thunder. emergency notice: shall notify the relevant departments of our country to stop the cooperation of all mobile phone movie websites. Specific reasons for the above did not explain, just want us to do so. class 3GP from tomorrow we will not charge, it is embarrassing, I also know that! and the administrator also confirmed the Tid=8398

When we start a business, we know what we are talking about why do you want to start a business

when the venture, we know almost nothing to talk about, from the 5 million know almost a hundred users to choose to know almost on the entrepreneurial Q & A, the achievement of this book. The following is part of Digest.   look at their "modern Chinese Dictionary" to "entrepreneurship" is the explanation: to create a cause. Simple interpretation of the four words contain too much attitude and persistence. With the rapid development of the Internet era, Facebook (Facebook) billion yuan venture IPO to obtain billions of dollars in market capitalization and the emergence of more and more, many lit up in the office with a salary and benefits, but the heart is unwilling and mediocre people heart entrepreneurial flame. if you ask a young twenty something, want to be urged to buy a car or married life, talking about a dream to change the world, let his life not lived life, most people will want to the latter, the former is the final choice. Like apple and Microsoft, most people like apple, but they are using the Windows operating system. Those who talk about it are still talking about it, and those who dream of changing the world are really not alive. Can you imagine more than a decade ago, sleeping in the Silicon Valley Univ Ave (University Street) on the floor of the 20 little boys in the early days of the 165, and later founded the video site YouTube, social networking site Linkedin and comment website Yelp? entrepreneurship is like walking on[…]

Thoughts on the operation of City discount shopping website

lost some time ago on the 9eat program, but also spent more than a month to think about how to operate. But in the process of understanding gradually found a problem can not be ignored, that is, the realization of membership points. If from simple terms, operation ideas of this kind of website is the website as a platform to integrate business resources, integrate the city down consumer resources for businesses to explore potential customers, bring more affordable prices for consumers, on this basis, to realize the integral members, members can exchange provided by business cooperation in the prize on the site. summary The object 1 businesses, from clothing, food, shelter, and music of these five types of city consumption subject, first remove the clothes, why, we can imagine, unless the form of store, the general clothing store is to let you Kanjia, no discount. To some extent, this discount card lost some appeal. Clothing can be said to be the largest consumer goods, and this discount card for the middle and low market, high-end market does not necessarily care about your card. So the mid-range consumer groups often go to the store to buy clothes? How to spend?. 2 discount card itself security issues. Ordinary cards do not have security, the site was launched, it may not have that, but when you have the influence, piracy will be a lot of your discount card. The cost of 5 dollars a card, you sell a 20, there are still a profit of $15, others sell[…]

Not just sign Foursquare what is worth $750 million

  for so many years, although Foursquare into people’s vision, but it has not become the mainstream. Recently there have been rumors that Foursquare’s valuation reached $750 million, so a small sign class applications, what is worth $750 million? the user Adam from Quora Feldman, about Foursquare, put on the line in the advertising conversion rate, profitability, mobile user experience, the advantages of services to support small and medium enterprises, if Foursquare can continue to become bigger and stronger, I have 750 million of the valuation is too low. has the intention of social advertising first, the ads on the Facebook and Twitter based on the user’s interests and personal information to decide, very friendly to the user, users prefer. If the user happens to a product or service of interest, this advertisement is very successful. On the other hand, Google search for this type of intention of advertising based on the results of the user’s search ads, Google, such as the intention of advertising success rate is very high. Foursquare’s "exploration" feature trend users to find a place. Combined with the user’s purchase intentions and personal data, explore the function can be used to do a lot of advertising. For example, users are tired of the coffee shop near, Foursquare will prompt him there is also a near he hasn’t been to the coffee shop, this is the intention of advertising success rate is much higher than that of Facebook, Twitter, Google ad. online to offline conversion The clock and data collection, businesses can[…]

On the four channels to obtain the advantages and disadvantages of Wangzhuan

in recent years with the development of domestic Internet, the Internet is not a money what strange things, but the most important thing is to make money on the network no threshold in real life is not so high, like a job that required you must reach what this calendar, for those of us who are not so. The staff is very glad Wangzhuan thing, because in the network as long as you have, or have a good idea you can easily sit at home to make money, but make money in the network is not a tolerance thing, among other things, at least you have your right Wangzhuan the project is, that we how to Wangzhuan personnel in the network to find a suitable not only for us, but also can make Wangzhuan ? 1) see the official recommended Wangzhuan from each big Wangzhuan site forum is the most common one of the channels, and at the same time we are most likely to get staff Wangzhuan Wangzhuan resources, the famous forum or website is undoubtedly the best choice of our staff Wangzhuan, because in these Wangzhuan forum or website brings together the most Wangzhuan staff, they exchange their own experience with the information in some Wangzhuan here, we can according to these new staff Wangzhuan they share or exchange of information in the find our own Wangzhuan project, but unfortunately these Wangzhuan forum or website Wangzhuan project mostly offline Union, other projects are relatively small, it is in want of perfection! 2) to[…]

The following 100IP sites can also make money

many people should have encountered such a situation, website that small amount of 100IP is less than a day, following the 100IP website can make money? How to make money? The answer is affirmative, can make the actual situation, but how much to see their own. remember that Chen Anzhi had a video lecture: the election of the industry to make a lot of money, IP and more, not necessarily be able to earn a lot of money, but IP less, also not necessarily can not earn money, the key is how you do the project, the project to do, then the money will earn more. Today, I would like to take some practical examples to explain, I think this may be more convincing. I personally love selling things, one day suddenly heard Chen Anzhi lecture, Chen Anzhi success is currently Asia’s authority, so I had collected his works, there is a boring day, chat with friends, the registered address:, this was a 1 yuan, so the registration after you put there, and later because I have collected all the works of Chen Anzhi think, anyway, the domain name is empty, then put Chen Anzhi into 51 contents on this website, had no idea what, want to use this website only, after the weight of the high, what sites are easy some. Suddenly one day someone Q me, asked me if I had to sell the complete works of Chen Anzhi, so I put my hand on some customers to sell him, then suddenly[…]

From the net profit of 2 billion yuan to the besieged on all sides from Dong’e county 10 years tonic

December 22nd, China positioning the first person, Trout, China’s partner, as the dark horse entrepreneurial laboratory tutor in the dark horse to learn app conducted fourth live. in the broadcast, Deng Delong in Dong’e Jiao as an example, as we resolve the strategic course of ten years of Dong’e county. is the following fourth Deng Delong live content selection: Dong’e E-Jiao, ten years of transformation December 21st tenth "gelatin nourishing Festival" opened in Shandong County of Dong’e. Ten years ago, facing the risk of marginalization, Ejiao category industry die, and now in the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai and Guangdong health center, Ejiao has become the preferred high-end crowd tonic. first look at a set of data: Net profit of 1 from Dong’e County rose from ten years ago to 100 million in 2015 1 billion 600 million, is expected in 2016 will reach 2 billion ; 2 brand value from 2 billion 600 million to 14 billion 200 million; 3 market capitalization from $2 billion to $35 billion. however, to this kind of change is more intuitive to see, you can go to pharmacies around the visit, should be very easy to find: the major pharmacies best location, almost all there is Dong’e county. The pharmacy is not the gold position who want to get it. What is the reason for the ? Is very simple, Dong’e E-Jiao is able to drainage for this drug, can bring the customer. It has a strong ability to create customers, and constantly bring good revenue and profits to the[…]

Zhongguancun Pioneer Street is actually Haidian book city monthly rent 1000 yuan

Zhongguancun Venture Street June 2014 open street of Zhongguancun Venture Street is China’s first venture service organization gathering area days ago, "Zhongguancun innovation enterprise listing cultivation base was officially inaugurated operations. According to the relevant person in charge of the Zhongguancun administrative committee, in 2014 the year the newly established Zhongguancun science and technology enterprises over 1.3, an increase of more than two times more than in 2013. Zhongguancun will be in 2020, has become a global influence of technological innovation center, from the PC era of the leading group of the new generation of Internet innovation into the new position. venture no threshold last June, Haidian book city pedestrian street officially changed its name, Zhongguancun venture street". This is the first to attract entrepreneurial street is a garage coffee, 3W coffee and other innovative incubators, then a large number of entrepreneurs and their businesses. Wan Gang, Minister of science and technology in the investigation of this incubator platform known as public space". is a public record that Soviet space "the earliest one of the members. "Grassroots find resources for the project, to find people, find technology to garage coffee," Su, established in 2011 from the garage coffee has been stuck with his early heart". Even just opened to make ends meet when he did not change the "no threshold" of this principle. From the initial five or six, up to now the garage coffee has to support the streams of people busily coming and going, dozens of entrepreneurs to obtain financing, including the "magic[…]

The fate of children 9 year old business earning millions of dollars, at the age of 13 when CEO

Abstract: This is a small fart child, called Evan, is only 9 years old this year, very very love to play with toys. So his parents helped him to open an oil pipe account, let him shoot the video and share his experience with the experience of playing toys, mainly to talk about this toy is not fun, how to play, what to play a new method. just playing with toys, he was 9 years old into millions of dollars   is the small fart child, called Evan, is only 9 years old this year, very very love to play with toys. So his parents helped him to open an oil pipe account, let him shoot the video and share his experience with the experience of playing toys, mainly to talk about this toy is not fun, how to play, what to play a new method.   didn’t think this account is very popular, subscriptions quickly reached millions, all the video hits a year in 2014 to more than eight hundred million times (a lot of zero, when the number of home Jun dizzy).     such a high popularity, of course, there will be a lot of merchants and toy manufacturers to invite him to experience it, to attend the event, advertising. these are all his activities.   played all over the world, but also the money, it is cool burst.     because the business is too good, in order to win a bigger market, his sister did not join the video production[…]