Why do some people fail

every day, every hour and every second, there are people in the business, but also entrepreneurial success, more people start a business failure, then what are the reasons for the failure of entrepreneurship, can not be avoided? More than ninety percent start-up companies, it is only one reason, is the money. The small remaining part, may be inconsistent or the concept of unfair distribution of interests lead to separation, or because of the contradiction between control of core members kill these cases, most still can continue to live, and only a few big companies to close. read more

Wuhan sophomore boys innovation and entrepreneurship to win the wealth of VR experience Museum

many people have the idea of entrepreneurship, college students as the age of the God’s favored one is no exception. Today, with the development of social economy, more and more entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurship is also a variety of patterns, today we will introduce a sophomore boy in Wuhan innovation and entrepreneurship story.

"feels like going to Happy Valley, and now there’s a halo." Yesterday, a space in the long dream of the Wuhan Bioengineering Institute in Wuhan, the first school of VR (virtual reality) Museum District trial operation, just came out from the VR experience, sophomore girls Weipe could not wait to share their feelings. read more

Rural cigarette retail customers want to profit still need to do a good job ahead of time

Although the

season is a hot time for the sale of major stores, but also the time of strict control of cigarettes, which led to a lot of retail customers do not know how to deal with. Seeing the December coming, the tobacco companies began to put the cigarette products into a serious quantity control period, at the end of the year is the peak of cigarette demand while the rural market, the deficit will undoubtedly give rural cigarette retail customer brought a lot of trouble, worry about falling profits. In such a period of contradiction, how should we deal with the cigarette retail customers in rural areas? Recommended to do the following three points. read more

Simple operation and good money earning 5000 – 9000

barbecue, is definitely one of the most popular summer food. Therefore, the automatic barbecue machine becomes artifact! The utility model relates to a fully automatic barbecue machine, which is a novel automatic rotary barbecue device, and the whole machine is made of stainless steel. The operating principle of the motor through a transmission chain fork type barbecue sign rotation by thermal radiation will be cooked food, has the characteristics of health, smokeless, no oil droplets splash, suitable for all types of businesses and the use of barbecue shop. read more

Traditional enterprises to transform the Internet should not be used as a tool to use

in the era of big data, people referred to the "Internet plus" is no longer strange, but you can really understand how much? In order not to be eliminated by the times, many traditional companies want to reform, "Internet plus" transformation, so in the end how to be successful?

the traditional enterprise Internet transformation consultants in the first half, found such a level of understanding the majority of enterprises still remain in the Internet is only a tool, more considered as a supplement to extend beyond a message tool, a channel and the normal operation of the. read more

One hundred thousand yuan venture to choose what projects are guaranteed More projects recommended

      one hundred thousand yuan want to start a business to choose what project has safeguard? The question is, even if you choose a project, but it will not one hundred percent guaranteed, there are one hundred thousand pieces of money, want to start what is good? I’m afraid most entrepreneurial friends have such trouble, for one hundred thousand dollars for what you can do, the following we recommend some one hundred thousand yuan venture the project, I believe will help

! read more

Wang Chaoyong optimistic about the opportunity to start Zhengzhou air port

The rise of

entrepreneurial boom, to China’s economic transformation and upgrading into a new force, creating a huge job opportunities. In Beijing ChinaEquity Capital Group founder and chairman Wang Chaoyong’s eyes, China has become a hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship.

11 on the 28 day at 11:32 in the morning, Beijing to Zhengzhou G83 train station, 2 minutes into the station later. On the platform, the reporter to recognize a crowd wangchaochong: black coat a black-and-white striped scarf, elegant and stylish range of children. Wang Chaoyong, the famous investor, Beijing ChinaEquity Capital Group founder and chairman. As a senior investor and successful entrepreneurs, he will be the entrepreneurs of Henan what kind of proposal? We listened to him. read more

Start fishing tackle shop how

entrepreneurial shop in the end what to do, some people are the rise of the moment, while some people are after serious thinking. In fact, the current market competition is fierce, if we want a better business, nature also need to have a more detailed analysis. Then, start fishing tackle shop?

now people have a good life. They have more time and money for entertainment and leisure. Start fishing tackle shop? A fishing tackle shop is a good choice, the store is not high, as long as the 20-30 square meters, so that customers can buy space. But good fishing tackle is still expensive, so 30-50 million yuan of funds can be opened a good quality fish shop. read more

Sichuan open storm mode

should be in the hot summer time, but because of the impact of heavy rain, so that many people are really cold heart cool body". In the summer of 2016, you are in a natural big steamer steaming sauna, or rolled up trouser legs in the water Wade? 12, a storm in Chengdu Shuangliu, at 11 in the morning, the rain was the largest Dongsheng Street, rainfall of nearly 100 mm. The rain came a little fierce, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport became a "pier", the car wiper became a decoration…… read more

What are the methods of the Western Restaurant

with the rapid development of economy, the exchange of Chinese and Western culture continues to deepen, resulting in the introduction of a lot of delicacy, the influence of Oriental people’s way of life, Western-style food became every city can see the delicacy, many entrepreneurs will choose Western food, then you should be careful in choosing the store address, here’s a way of location understand.

read more

Tips for men’s wear

how to do a good job in the management of men’s franchise to gain greater profit space? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the problem. If you are not very understanding of the business, Xiaobian finishing some of the relevant points, hoping to help you find the right investment projects, so that business is no longer difficult.

1. updated men’s style

summer update frequency is very fast, especially for men’s fashion store owner, will purchase a small amount of a variety of shops, keep the menswear style update. At the same time, a small amount of goods to ensure timely clearance, capital operation. From the potential point of view, can strengthen the fashion chain store in the local brand in the minds of consumers, for a limited marketing budget fashion chain stores, with a limited amount of advertising and the introduction of new products can achieve good influence. read more

What are the hot pot projects in winter

Paul Dudley Hot pot

Paul Dudley Hot pot rely on high-quality mutton resources and independent research and development of Hot pot soup, through the output of catering services, play the market segments, rich format management measures, in order to expand the market chain model, to achieve industrial upgrading in breeding and processing, logistics and distribution to enhance the level of service, with network information, standardize enterprise management, the construction of small as advanced management, mechanism innovation, benefit first class restaurant group, based in Inner Mongolia, look around the world. read more

The dry cleaning washing it wise remark of an experienced person washed out beautiful people

is the product of the dry cleaning industry in the fast rhythm of life, but also in recent years one of the most attractive entrepreneurs to invest in the industry, the fast pace of life for the dry cleaning industry great development of the market, now with the continuous industry city, entrepreneurs have joined, want to do a good job in the dry cleaning industry has   is not a simple matter.

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Quality service is the key to long-term business

is the premise of hard investment, even if it is profitable in the short term, but not a long time operation ended in failure, so that the business I am afraid not many people are willing to do. In fact, now more and more people to do business, but every business people, hope that their business is booming, hope to do a long shop, I think: quality service is the key, only to provide quality services, to be able to make your shop to do bigger and stronger, further, because the pay and return is always proportional to. read more

Shanghai youth groups gradually become the main force of entrepreneurship

each city because of economic development is different, thus creating entrepreneurial environment will be different, because of this, choose to embark on the entrepreneurial age groups will naturally be different. And through the investigation of entrepreneurs in Shanghai understand that the youth group has gradually become the main force in Shanghai entrepreneurship.

Shanghai Municipal Employment Promotion Center recently issued a report, business survey of Shanghai citizens in 2015 report shows that Shanghai residents overall entrepreneurial activity rate continues to rise, but the youth is gradually becoming the main force of entrepreneurs, most look forward to the support policies for business tax relief is entrepreneurs. read more

There are ten tips to help entrepreneurs entrepreneurial success

entrepreneurship difficult, success is not an overnight thing. Want to start a successful business, there is no secret? This is the question of many entrepreneurs, how to succeed in business? Entrepreneurs may wish to try from the following 10 aspects.

A, to other companies to learn

if there is a chance to other companies (whether the total management of large company or small company) service, should carefully observe the boss’s business strengths, your business will be of great benefit. read more

To boost youth entrepreneurship Suzhou area add public record space

more and more of the emergence of the emergence of space for entrepreneurs to bring is a very good entrepreneurial platform, not only to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, but also to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship. Therefore, Suzhou District added a public record space, boost youth entrepreneurship.

is located in Chang Xu Road No. 483, Suzhou industry investment, entrepreneurship garden, a "LOFT dream space" "public record platform" upcoming. Business incubator LOFT dream space "is different from the traditional, mainly for young entrepreneurs, they will become the breeding project, to achieve entrepreneurial dream accelerator. It is reported, LOFT will try to dreams of space operations in April 1st. read more