Four you do not know QQ marketing methods

Tencent QQ as a huge user group timely communication tools, is a good platform for our marketing, is our inspiration to create marketing methods. Due to the unique characteristics of the human, after the promotion of a number of obvious ways to use will cause people’s resentment, resulting in minimal marketing effect, so we need […]

Kirin advertising alliance 12.25, the new rules of Thanksgiving activities will be the first four se

  : after several drafts, Thanksgiving gifts in the fourth quarter of the programme of activities was finally settled ! activity time shortened to 38 days; play to improve – the income is not fixed in accordance with the sort of incentives to change into a fixed reward in accordance with the income range! prizes […]

On the basic work of enterprise website promotion

one, in-depth understanding of enterprise products to promote their products, we must first understand, only in-depth understanding of the most appropriate design to promote the program, in order to promote the work done the best, the best results. two, have a certain understanding of competitors is not only to understand their own, to achieve 100%, […]

Local portal owners must pay attention to a few points

has been learning a lot about the local portal site knowledge, on my own some views and understanding and we exchange: a local portal webmaster, should clearly recognize the following questions: 1: must be practical and local perfect combination. Can not be mere formality. 2: establish a strong sense of brand awareness, from the first […]

Brand hot marketing should pay attention to the brand memory point

to form hot marketing of enterprises in the official micro-blog, many people began to understand the focus of marketing, from the beginning of the 2011 micro-blog Durex occasion Beijing heavy rain. From planning to final execution, it took less than a few hours. Can obtain the dissemination effect, but it has become a classic case […]

From the perspective of network marketing talent data industry development

today by chance in a friend to get a well-known recruitment website enterprise user username and password, login look into the network marketing and local practitioners based on is still relatively small, relatively junior, have 4 years of experience, less than 20 of personal website operating experience, is still part of software enterprises the majority […]

BBS network administrator heart promotion now reading channel scheme

CNNIC according to the national Internet Information Center statistics report shows that 2010 will be the first year of Internet e-commerce to take off, C2C/B2C and other electronic commerce mode by Taobao, the Alibaba platform has been more and more familiar to the people, while relying on the development of e-commerce, network marketing as a […]