Plum net formally listed three new board

plum yesterday listed on the new board, it is understood that the domestic marketing network operators Meihua Meihua shares in May 5th landed the global share transfer system, three new board listed Tim SaaS and information services to enterprises in the new enterprise. was founded in 2008, is a marketing oriented information center, which provides […]

Inventory of Internet bigwigs who failed the most entrepreneurial projects!

introduction: the road of entrepreneurship, which people have stumbled over? Even Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Liu Qiangdong…… These Internet heavyweights have also experienced the lesson of blood, but they did not because the fall time is from failure but unable to get up after a fall, sum up a lot of business experience and lessons, […]

Venture capital perspective, which is likely to achieve this red Fu Yuanhui

Abstract: if the entrepreneur itself is net red, will attract the attention of the capital, of course, the premise is that the network is really serious red entrepreneurs do a tricky thing to do. Fu Yuanhui will become what Dan net red? If you have the opportunity to invest in her you are willing to […]

In the early days, how to manage the co-founder

editor’s note: the original author Aaron Harris, Tutorspree co-founder, YC partners. has proven that founders have to manage each other before they manage employees. In fact, in the early stages of the establishment of the company, only two or three founders, poor management often lead to entrepreneurial death. However, the management of partners is difficult. […]

Should to the knowledge sharing risk and the future in this report words

before the October 2016 holiday, should the encore, but thin, only three categories: workplace, health and science content. What happened in the past 47 days, ? review, from 2015 to play the popularity of the game, to the point on the line in 2016, detonated the heat of knowledge sharing economy. This means that the […]

Sino British science and technology innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals ended

December 17, 2016, students from Europe and the United States will be jointly sponsored by the UK branch of science and technology, China Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Bureau to promote the development of innovative incubator Investment Limited "first" endless "in British science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition" (hereinafter referred […]

Nora who, American who have crashed, unemployed if subtitles group entrepreneurship can do what

for subtitle group, by reference Crowdsourcing translation business model, or cooperation in the form of business transformation, to the regularization from gray market in. However, if a large number of subtitles group into the crowdsourcing translation market, whether it will bring some variables for crowdsourcing translation? for a non English speaking fans, in 2014 two […]

The 10 thousand show into a SKU of the company is using B2B to kill the backward agents in

looking for steel mesh, looking for a representative of the vertical B2B platform plastic network since 2015 began to attract a lot of capital into, almost every vertical industry in the Internet to seek change. why early information portal downfallen? And B2C service mode of individual consumers are not the same, B2B trading service users […]