Website promotion operation is love Shanghai right down for four reasons.

site assessment are sites of frequent changes. The first factor is The website is the assessment of the third factor is the chain surge. The website is the assessment of the second factor is the quality of website content is low. website built after something to try not to change frequently, such as template, title, […]

Unfamiliar Street, lonely behind what kind of development road

as a goal to make friends, to contact communication as a way of products, unfamiliar street itself has been the development of many friends in the industry attention. Up to now, unfamiliar street has more than 10 million users, but in the course of development, in April 2012 exceeded 3 million, launched in August 3rd […]

Non mainstream sites should not be too careful, become no flow

to say non mainstream, we must first talk about the mainstream. As the name suggests, the mainstream is accepted by the public, there is a unified standard, a unified model, unified behavior, uniform dress up; non mainstream that is unconventional, showing personality, not popular. do not know when, 90 generation is considered non mainstream representatives, […]

How do you catch Baidu Spiders Through IP addresses

how to read the website log through the IP address to find Baidu spider crawling rule, for all the webmaster, Baidu included is the most important concern. Understanding Baidu spider crawling law, so as to better improve the collection of the situation is also must master. Many websites are currently using virtual space and can […]

Search recruitment in 100 crashed Sauber, where reason

at some time ago Baidu announced a strategic investment rice group, so far, Baidu again completed a great deal, from PPS, 91 unlimited to today’s rice group, Baidu’s strategic layout is also gradually perfect and clear. On the basis of the author’s own experience, is that Baidu is trying to push its own desktop advantage […]