In those years the Shanghai dragon query tool gap and love Shanghai

(2) love Shanghai today included love Shanghai today refers to the spider crawling pages, previously included in today re crawling too, will also delete some old pages. , Shanghai dragon tools (in station for example) has become one of the essential work of Shanghai dragon R analysis tools, web site with Shanghai dragon tools can […]

Analysis of selection and optimization techniques of long tail keywords

for the grassroots webmaster, do website optimization, if the simple take great effort to optimize the core keywords, it is easy to cause lose the wife of another soldier, spent more time talking about money is basically a boondoggle, so that the strategies to optimize the core keywords is not appropriate for the grassroots webmaster. […]

The local website explores the need for deep communication

I’m a local station master. Station Daye Fengyun network has been officially running for almost two years. In the past two years, we have experienced the loss of data, the server machine, replacing the domain name all the hardships, but eventually stick to now become the local most popular, the most influential website, 09 years […]

Shangqiu Teachers College successfully build two innovation mechanism

China’s colleges and universities are stepping up support for entrepreneurial students. Shangqiu teachers college students entrepreneurship in this way is to find a win-win route, a number of data show that the Shangqiu Normal University has made the "double" work into the fast lane. 148 innovative entrepreneurial projects, more than 60 college students entrepreneurial team, […]

Fuzhou in the first half of the new home sales volume high

this is the world’s most afraid of fire fire but real estate, although prices have been rising even burst, Nitian prices phenomenon, but still did not stop people buying enthusiasm. Yesterday, reporters from Fuzhou city housing registration center was informed that the first half of the Fuzhou property market continued to be active, the overall […]

Xining to promote the education and training of cadres

this year, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to strengthen and improve the cadre education and training work as a "talent strong city" strategy based project, according to local conditions, in accordance with their aptitude, provide guarantee and personnel cadres strong support to accelerate Xining "four development". Xining to establish and improve the joint […]