Website optimization how to avoid the fatal love Shanghai right down

optimization of specific performance is: excessive keyword density is too high, a large number of keywords to stack, using the JS code, links to illegal sites etc.. So webmaster in website optimization process, must reflect on their own websites have to use the above techniques. four, the chain construction is properly in website optimization, the […]

Ali mother practice four, Alexa rankings haveCode farming transformation, traditional industries eas

Internet is a low threshold platform, a computer has met how many grassroots entrepreneurial dreams. Today, fusion of traditional industries of the Internet and the line is not a simple "line into the line" mode, line started behind, stationed in the line, all kinds of industries of various O2O operation mode of the large-scale attempt, […]

Share my film station promotion experience summary

said, "the movie station, I think most of the webmaster has done or is running, the film station is also very low threshold, as long as a MAXCMS, everything is done.". At the same time, the development of the network provides a grounded cinema opportunity for everyone, Indoorsman Indoorswoman are possible to shrink at home, […]

Which data indicators need to pay attention to 12 data, to help you deal with the store business

open a shop, which data indicators need to pay attention to? VIP accounted for how much? How much is the sales discount? There are secrets behind these. I hope this will help you. (1) turnover 1) turnover reflects the business trend of the store. for the past sales data, combined with the development of the […]

Guangzhou 5 years and then voted to support public entrepreneurship 1 billion 100 million

now the whole society in order to further encourage more people to start a business, have resorted to the killer himself, at the same time, to promote the entrepreneurial approach has also been a lot of people in Guangzhou encouraged to invest another 1 billion 100 million yuan to support the public business. in Guangzhou […]