What are the reasons for the failure of the catering industry

what are the reasons for the failure of the catering industry? Since it is a business, lost, as well as operating restaurants, catering business, there are still some easily overlooked, is often the place attracted business failure. 1, the management of food and beverage industry. Do not understand the business positioning, blind opening, accidents repeatedly. […]

How much money to invest in Huilongguan seafood big coffee

the development of the transportation industry in China’s economic development plays an important role in the development of the seafood industry is also relying on this point. Seafood is rich in nutrition, with the development of economy, traffic convenience, seafood products have been shipped to all over the country, so there is a huge market […]

Zhongshan University of Electronic Science and technology held the ninth college students entreprene

although the social mainstream sound is generally not too optimistic about entrepreneurship, but there are still thousands of business students who fought into the ranks of entrepreneurship. Sharitau Kim, there are a lot of entrepreneurial projects with good potential for development, access to investors in the entrepreneurial contest.

Nanchang actively provide one-stop entrepreneurial support services

with the increasingly fierce market competition, the choice of entrepreneurial environment is becoming more and more important. In order to attract entrepreneurial talent settled, to promote the development of the cause of public entrepreneurship innovation, Nanchang built a number of business incubator platform to fully support the development of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurship. 2013 […]