Qinghai famous special products online sales channel

Scanning micro signal, you can easily join the "Qinghai large set of goods, micro signal, so as to understand the Qinghai famous brand products, the final realization of online shopping, Qinghai to build a large set of goods never ending"". Xi’an this year, Qinghai commodity set, the Provincial Department of Commerce for the first time […]

Xining city bus into a mobile propaganda column

"the silt but don’t dye, wash clean and not demon", "breeze, singrain central group"…… Recently, in Xining city bus ride 3 people in Xining, you can often see such honest public service ads. this is the city area to strengthen the outdoor public welfare propaganda work to come up with the "new method", the independent […]

Rainbow children cited the capital audience have point praise

8 month 28 days, 29 days two nights, the original song and dance drama "Rainbow children" chosen by the delegation of the province on the Beijing national culture palace theatre. Very touching love story, the cultural elements with the distinctive, let the audience in the thousands of miles of "Rainbow hometown", feel the charm of […]

Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection during the Ching Ming Festival discipline

Qingming Festival approaching, in order to further strict discipline, perseverance grasp style building, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department of the party members and cadres of the province specific requirements. is a strict implementation of the provisions of the central eight provisions of the spirit and austerity, no pomp than lavish, extravagance […]

Xining urban and Rural Planning Bureau to implement the spirit of the eighteen meeting to further cl

To conscientiously implement the "big eighteen" the spirit of the meeting, the Urban Planning Bureau of Xining city to build so that the people satisfied with the life of the city, the city of happiness as the planning objective, firmly establish the "high starting point, big, new ideas, first-class work principle, standardize approval, innovation mechanism, […]

Qinghai urbanization from the perspective of major projects

government work report, to promote the release of domestic demand for new urbanization potential to enhance the development of security capabilities. January 20th, the reporter interviewed the provincial development and Reform Commission on the province’s infrastructure projects this year, the relevant person in charge. This year, our province will be on the basis of national […]

Xining West District community party building to the family

in the future, the streets of the West District, community regional party building work will further enrich the activation of the carrier, deepen the connotation, expand coverage, to provide residents with sophisticated services." June 26th, Xining City West District Committee, organization minister Wu Haining said. In recent years, the west area to strengthen the building […]