Jingdong Taobao 12 search for differences in promotional activities of small sellers into the protag

double 11 promotion battle smoke has not yet dispersed, Jingdong, Taobao mall started to do warm-up for the December sales, we have to look at "the date of December 12th, but compared with the previous 618, 1111 fierce price war, business platform hope to find the difference of price promotions, to relieve the fatigue of […]

The new trend of the electricity supplier on behalf of vip.com sale mode

December 16th, the theme of "all retail" Tenth Chinese online retail will be held in Chongqing, more than and 10 central ministries and provincial and municipal leaders, experts, representatives of traditional retailers Internet retail representatives attended the meeting on the future development of the retail industry China Internet plus era are discussed. Vice president of […]

Inventory fresh electricity supplier three difficulties and the direction of the three

  Internet (China Electronic Commerce Research Center) agriculture is not industry, agricultural electricity supplier is also different from the industrial electricity supplier. Although fresh is referred to as the last electric blue ocean, but the blank on the special rules of industry knowledge and practice based on the simple copy of ordinary mode of electricity […]

The acquisition of the domain name of the record industry record

      sina science and technology news first Chinese music community 163888.net in June 18, 2007 ushered in four years old birthday. The site also revised for the decibel network, the acquisition of new domain name fenbei.com also launched. Allegedly, the acquisition of the domain name to 5 million yuan price record of the […]

Amazon platform Chinese cottage flooding there are many terrible vulnerabilities

[Abstract] technology Tencent CNBC before the author pointed out that the United States Amazon’s largest e-commerce website has been advocating the concept of the supremacy of users. But because they do not pay attention to product quality issues, Amazon’s electronic business platform is gradually becoming a stronghold of the distribution of cottage products. The following […]

If you do not need to apply for approval or filing online shop without a business license

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Tianyan) people open shop, whether there is a need for the business license of the Ministry of Commerce announced yesterday? "Non store retailing management measures (Trial) (Draft)" clear, only need to provide identity cards, telephone number, place of business (Live) can, without a business license. Draft to the community for […]

GG Adwords sued GG China really legal fraud

      see the news yesterday, said a spokesman for GOOGLE GOOGLE ICP have been approved by the government, while watching the news I was very surprised, ICP license is issued in accordance with the functions of the government departments of administrative examination and approval procedures, rather than an enterprise to get the government […]