How do you catch Baidu Spiders Through IP addresses

how to read the website log through the IP address to find Baidu spider crawling rule, for all the webmaster, Baidu included is the most important concern. Understanding Baidu spider crawling law, so as to better improve the collection of the situation is also must master. Many websites are currently using virtual space and can […]

All alone, Adsense to share monthly earn 3000 yuan to do station experience

from graphic design to program development and debugging to upload the final build website, updated from the maintenance site to the promotion to the information from customer development to upload advertising to customer service service to meet customer requirements, comprehensive one-stop work process done. Give vigorous youth vitality, completely diffuse wonderful poetry style and surge […]

How to deal with the invalid page the wise remark of an experienced person to enhance the website va

with the fierce competition between the expansion of the domestic SEO market and the industry, let SEO practitioners face enormous challenges; I recently saw in the forum and QQ group, many SEOer now feel the optimization work hard, effect is very poor, and some even have to change, although I have no direct comment, but […]

How to promote your classified information network in the short term

(1) network promotion: 1, distributed leaflets and posters: perfect city information classification, business information, news, exhibition and show discount information directly to the user life convenient service; at the same time also enable businesses to get sufficient consumer information feedback, timely access to the best in the rapidly changing business opportunities. Initial personal, business information […]

Six months, WeChat fans 100 thousand of the operating experience, why do such a public number

introduction: everybody wants to know how the author is in the second half of this year to achieve 100 thousand WeChat fans? This article is not thorough, but the article did some reading of the WeChat community atmosphere, is worth reading. I also do some supplement in the article, pay attention to the text in […]

Shangqiu Teachers College successfully build two innovation mechanism

China’s colleges and universities are stepping up support for entrepreneurial students. Shangqiu teachers college students entrepreneurship in this way is to find a win-win route, a number of data show that the Shangqiu Normal University has made the "double" work into the fast lane. 148 innovative entrepreneurial projects, more than 60 college students entrepreneurial team, […]

Which data indicators need to pay attention to 12 data, to help you deal with the store business

open a shop, which data indicators need to pay attention to? VIP accounted for how much? How much is the sales discount? There are secrets behind these. I hope this will help you. (1) turnover 1) turnover reflects the business trend of the store. for the past sales data, combined with the development of the […]

Search recruitment in 100 crashed Sauber, where reason

at some time ago Baidu announced a strategic investment rice group, so far, Baidu again completed a great deal, from PPS, 91 unlimited to today’s rice group, Baidu’s strategic layout is also gradually perfect and clear. On the basis of the author’s own experience, is that Baidu is trying to push its own desktop advantage […]

Website operation thinking product operation from attracting users to retaining users

Internet field, products and operations are interlinked, the product is to provide value to the user, the operation is to allow users to recognize this value, they depend on each other, strategic objectives are consistent. Any operations are carried out around the "user", including "attract users" and "retain users", which means: "let the user come […]