Yiqifa Christmas Carnival, 99 online bookstores to double rebate

Webmaster: Hello! Christmas Carnival, 99 online bookstores rebate doubled to 15%, with 100 minus 30 ! active link page http://www.99read.com/subject/0712/xmas_sc.aspx 12:00, a December 10th to December 24th 24:00, 99 online bookstores rebate doubled to 15%. The actual amount paid to rebate settlement orders shall prevail. two, November 23, 2007 12:00 to 24:00 in December 20th, […]

Next entrepreneurial hot spot micro video chat

  micro video will become a new generation of IM, to ensure that the communication information is not distorted, to support the real life of fragmented time to communicate! Internet has brought great changes to our way of life, but also brought unlimited business opportunities. APPOOF observation point of view: want to communicate this piece, […]

Do stand 4 years summed up the offbeat made, monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars

spent 4 years standing, a few years ago by the search engine traffic GG advertising, also earning thousands of dollars, but has been hovering around $1000, no matter how hard I try, my advertising revenue or not go, I analyzed the reason, is the limited energy, focus on this aspect. The results will certainly decline, […]

Video website profit hero or advertising 3G profit prospects

      as if overnight, China’s video site suddenly blowout.       2006 is called "the first year of Chinese video". Numerous video sites, like for their courage, are known to have VC investment, which more than tens of millions of dollars, a few hundred million yuan. However, this is only a flash […]

Lele the second week (01.07-01.13) Commission and bonus will be settled on January 2008

alliance members Hello everyone! The second week of January 2008 (01 07 -01 on day 13) and the Commission of "double gift ringtones rebate cash bonus" activities will be held today (01 2008 14 July) settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account carefully, and pay attention to […]