The business of the whole – Zhang Hongmin

community shops seem to have a community of customers as a guarantee, as if there is no big problem, however, only done this business will be clear. Now the competition is very fierce community shops, a careless, guests lost. Therefore, only the real attract customers, will make business hot. Zhang Hongmin is the first community […]

Fuzhou in the first half of the new home sales volume high

this is the world’s most afraid of fire fire but real estate, although prices have been rising even burst, Nitian prices phenomenon, but still did not stop people buying enthusiasm. Yesterday, reporters from Fuzhou city housing registration center was informed that the first half of the Fuzhou property market continued to be active, the overall […]

Chengdu college students in Jinniu District as super seller try Entrepreneurship

is now around in order to promote the students’ entrepreneurial activities, have held every kind of entrepreneurship competition, to help some entrepreneurial college students to achieve business objectives, recently held in Chengdu City, such an open up a fresh outlook entrepreneurship competition.

The sun’s banner brand children’s clothing – Trusted

children’s clothing has always been a very important presence. With the gradual increase in the number of children in our country, for the healthy growth of children, we are very concerned about. In the children’s clothing market, children’s clothing brand too many to count only the sun, Banner’s most popular, loved by consumers. Next, let […]

Join the infant clothing store has a bright future

do children’s clothing business, investment prospects is undoubtedly good. Join infant clothing store, making money is very easy? Generally speaking, the child’s money is very good. This kind of store management market, and the demand for wide, out of fast, businesses can harvest a larger operating space. Cooperate with us, you can rest assured that […]