Crossing the the Yellow River elite challenge test yesterday completed Geluyinghao today the Yellow

winter, the Yellow River, crossing the plateau…… Yesterday, more than and 30 players from home and abroad completed test in Guide mother river; today, the fourth session of the "emperor to cup" China · Qinghai International (winter) crossing the the Yellow River ultimate challenge classic 44 warriors will officially start, "sword" in the Yellow River, […]

New urbanization so that people live more comfortable

the improvement of living conditions, the beautification of the living environment, broaden the employment channels…… Today’s new urbanization, to the masses is not only a change of identity, but also a change in lifestyle. In the "government work report", our eyes are "accelerating the new urbanization with the core of human" attracted. Urbanization has been […]

Lasted 7 months beautiful countryside settled in Gangcha

October 31st, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, according to the "plateau beautiful countryside" activities leading group work arrangements, the provincial civil affairs department responsible for the Haibei Prefecture Gangcha County Shaliuhe town red village twinning work, after 7 months of time, has been fully completed and work.

Eastern Campus entrepreneurship was heavily supported

The reporter learned from the parties concerned, in response to the state of college students entrepreneurship support policy, Qinghai decided to first come up with 1 million yuan of risk investment fund, to support entrepreneurship competition the first Eastern District of Xining City, and have a dream to help college students entrepreneurial passion of entrepreneurs […]

29 Xining minimum temperature will break -20 C

December 25th, the author learned from the Xining Meteorological Observatory, another cold air impact, is expected to 28, the highest temperature dropped 6-8 degrees C, the lowest temperature in the early morning of 29, is expected to exceed -20. it is understood that 25 days affected by cold air, the temperature is low, the daily […]

Members of the public have to call car charging suggestions

in March 11th, this newspaper published the "150 car electric car called the solution of difficulties in public" one article, immediately caused a public hot. A short period of time, the number of comments micro-blog evening news official reached hundreds, many readers have also call the evening news hotline to express their views, I hope […]

CPPCC research group to investigate the characteristics of the plateau plateau industry

7 27, Qinghai characteristics of industrial development survey held in Xining. Li Kenong, deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee as the head of the Qinghai characteristics of industrial development research group, to green on the construction of the Qinghai Tibet plateau characteristics of the industrial system to carry out special investigations. Vice chairman of […]

How to open the home to join the decoration store so that profits

real estate industry to make Home Furnishing projects in recent years have also become hot nowadays entrepreneurs choose the project project, now the difficult employment problem is more and more serious, venture capital has become the first choice of the development of young people in their career. So the store in the market has unlimited […]