Shenzhen FT military platform is committed to solve the problem of employment and Entrepreneurship o

retired officers and soldiers due to years of special living environment, causing them to leave the army, whether it is to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, or the choice of employment are faced with many problems. To this end, 16, Shenzhen City, Nanshan District science and Technology Park FT in a platform and employment […]

Vocational education opens a new experience of independent Entrepreneurship

occupation education is now the most concern for investors, with the increasing pressure of social competition, the technology industry continues to develop, want development to grasp many occupation technology, so the occupation education now is the hot period of development. For investors, this is the best time to enter the education sector. The traditional occupation […]

Jiangsu farmers rely on electricity supplier revenue growth of 8.5%

the arrival of the Internet not only changed our life, but also to allow more business emerging markets, especially farmers rely on electricity suppliers carried out their own pace of build up the family fortunes. November 24th to 27, the Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Yang Yue went to Yancheng, Nantong, Suzhou and other places, […]

What should we invest in online education

is known to all, people’s enthusiasm for education, so that the education industry is always full of opportunities. Just past   2013  year, domestic and international investment in the online education industry can be described as a raging fire, this point, just look at the business media, education industry portal news and reports can be […]